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Industry Outlook for 2019: Who Will Drop the Ball?

January 02, 2019

For real estate decision makers, the number-one challenge in 2019 may be whether to put more confidence in signs of headwinds or tailwinds. Since the recession ended in 2009, 33 of 36 quarters have seen positive economic growth, according to the MIT Center for Real Estate. Along the way, real estate fundamentals have remained solid well past the point that many observers expected them to. But as the U.S. enters its 10th year of this unhurried expansion, economists are not ruling out the possibility that a slowdown will finally arrive in late 2019 or early 2020 and bring a lagging dampening effect on investment and development. In light of so many moving parts, the prospects for the year ahead will demand creativity, adaptability and a measure of risk-taking.

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