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Special Report

Manufactured Home Communities
National Report

2H 2022

Housing Shortage Puts Spotlight on Manufactured Housing;
New National and Local Legislation Alters Landscape

Household and population growth exacerbate housing shortage. Nearly 10 million households were added in the U.S. during the last decade, nearly on par with the previous 10 years, despite COVID-19-related disruptions in 2020 causing the lowest level of household creation since at least 2000. The forces driving household formation — including remote workers seeking space and aging millennials gaining housing independence — are likely to persist in the near term as developers face supply shortages, labor constraints and rising debt costs. Broad-based housing demand will be further elevated by the growing age 55-plus cohort. This age group has almost doubled since 2000, twice as fast a pace as during the preceding 20 years, increasing demand for housing communities geared toward older populations. High inflation has limited the longevity of retirement savings, encouraging many to seek out lower-cost housing options.

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