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Special Report

National Seniors Housing Outlook

Second Half 2020

Senior Housing Facing Uneven Recovery; Demand Drivers Sustain Positive Outlook

Seniors living industry being reshaped by the health crisis. As the coronavirus pandemic drags on, the seniors housing sector continues to face unprecedented challenges that are altering operations. With the nation awaiting a vaccine, a health solution does not spell a return to normalcy for care providers. The pandemic will leave a lasting impact on daily operations, safety protocols and community design. The well-being of residents and front-line staff remain the top priority of operators, many of which are fatigued by budgetary pressures, workforce shortages and limitations to social interactions. The impacts have been uneven across markets and care segments, which will lead to an uneven recovery for the industry over the coming years. Long-term prospects for the sector remain positive though, driven by the growing care needs of an aging population.
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