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Special Report

Beyond the Health Crisis: Midwest Special Report

Summer, 2020

Most of Midwest Sheltered From Severe Health Crisis; Consumer Optimism Rises as States Reopen

Pandemic arrives later in Midwest. Lower population density and stay-at-home orders enforced in most states before the new coronavirus reached the Midwest insulated most of the region from a severe impact. In addition, economic drivers that include logistics and back-office operations were not affected to the degree that sequestration orders had on tourism, hospitality and retail trade. While this has lessened the economic severity of COVID-19 on a regional basis, pockets within each metro vary in the level of impact. Many office employees have been able to work from home, while a number of logistics firms were deemed essential and allowed to remain open, keeping employees on payrolls. Metros with a large manufacturing base or hospitality sector, however, have not fared as well as idled plants and a lack of visitors has resulted in furloughed workers.

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