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Baltimore Self-Storage Investment Forecast

2019 Outlook

The Baltimore economy enters 2019 on a high note, boasting an annual employment gain of 28,000 jobs in 2018, the strongest absolute increase in the past three years. The professional and business services and health sectors remain the primary engines of growth moving forward, equating to a boost in traditional office positions. Overall, the metro’s employment base is on pace to expand 1.3 percent in 2019, translating to the addition of 18,000 workers.More

Austin Self-Storage Investment Forecast

2019 Outlook

Positive job creation across nearly all employment sectors supported the addition of 30,000 positions in 2018, expanding Austin’s employment base by 2.9 percent. The metro’s diverse and growing economy continues to bolster this pace of hiring, with higher-paying, traditional office jobs accounting for a fourth of the 28,000 positions created in 2019. Retail-related employment growth should also remain robust this year, aided by increased consumer demand for everyday goods and services.More

Atlanta Self-Storage Investment Forecast

2019 Outlook

Atlanta employers expanded payrolls 2.0 percent in 2018, representing an uptick of 56,000 jobs. Hiring activity was diverse, as four employment sectors each added more than 10,000 positions, led by the trade, transportation and utilities industry, which grew by 16,800 workers. Amid low-3 percent unemployment, the availability of labor thins. Yet, overall job creation remains strong as organizations lift the employment base 1.7 percent in 2019.More

West Palm Beach Retail Investment Forecast

Outlook 2019

County’s retail supported by favorable demographics. The market boasts several underlying trends that reinforce the retail market. Population and household growth, along with income, are all significantly above the national average, boosting retail sales. More

Washington, D.C. Retail Investment Forecast

Outlook 2019

New supply comes to low-vacancy areas, preserving property performance. Job opportunities are drawing new residents to the metro, growing the consumer base and sustaining demand for retail services, which is limiting the impact of new supply on operations.  More

Tampa-St. Petersburg Retail Investment Forecast

Outlook 2019

Tampa Bay retail sector thrives on robust residential growth. Employment opportunities and a favorable quality of life will help to lure 52,000 residents to the metro in 2019, matching the prior year’s growth rate and generating the need for additional goods and services. More