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Seattle-Tacoma Self-Storage Investment Forecast

2019 Outlook

Last year, over 30,000 new jobs were added in professional and business services as well as in trade, transportation and utilities, contributing to 65,000 total hires. That is the strongest year of employment growth since 1997. Job creation will moderate in 2019 while still outperforming the annual average for this economic cycle.More

San Diego Self-Storage Investment Forecast

2019 Outlook

Professional and business services firms led overall hiring in 2018, accounting for more than 15,000 of the total 25,000 jobs created that year. Schools, hospitals, doctors’ offices and manufacturers together hired another 9,000 people, offsetting losses in other sectors. For 2019, expect the growing life sciences and technology industries in San Diego to support additional recruiting.More

San Antonio Self-Storage Investment Forecast

2019 Outlook

Hiring in the fields of education, health services, transportation and energy represent a large share of the 10,000 positions added in 2018. Losses in the leisure and hospitality sector as well as in business and professional services cut job creation by about half relative to the year before. Employment growth slows again in 2019 but by a much more moderate 10 percent.More

Salt Lake City Self-Storage Investment Forecast

2019 Outlook

Metro employers added 37,400 jobs in 2018, with opportunities in trade, transportation and utilities representing the largest share of a diversified hiring wave. The total number of positions created surpassed the totals from either of the two preceding years. Employment growth advances further in 2019 as recruiting for office-based roles increases.More

Sacramento Self-Storage Investment Forecast

2019 Outlook

Employment growth slowed in California’s capital during 2018 as multiple sectors suffered job losses. Hiring for roles in information, education, heath and government offset other vacated positions for a net 11,500 new jobs. Additional opportunities in traditionally office-using industries will boost employment gains for 2019.More

Riverside-San Bernardino Self-Storage Investment Forecast

2019 Outlook

Multiple Inland Empire employment sectors added jobs in 2018, for a net total of 47,000 new positions. About 9,000 of those roles were in traditionally office-using professions, for a 4.4 percent annual expansion rate. Job growth in 2019 will fall just under that level as a tightening labor market constrains hiring efforts.  More