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Special Report, May 2019

Special Research Report

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Geofencing Helping Retail Investors Optimize Performance; Data from Brick-and-Mortar Stores Proving Invaluable

Investors drill deeper to understand client base. Retail continues to evolve as consumer data becomes more readily available, making it easier for investors to maximize property performance. Advanced technologies are providing retail owners a foundation for longer-term success, particularly as competitive dynamics become increasingly complex. Geofencing offers investors a way to track customer behavior by creating a virtual boundary around a retail property and recording movement in the area by pinging smartphones. Through this, owners are able to extract meaningful insight from behavior patterns, supporting better decisions about their assets and helping investors refine their tenant mix. While consumer data about online shopping has become quite sophisticated, trends captured at brick-and-mortar settings are beginning to evolve rapidly and these insights will play a larger role in the retail sector. Many investors are beginning to capitalize on the benefits of geofencing, setting the stage for increased efficiency and performance results.

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