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Market Report

Sacramento Multifamily Investment Forecast

2022 Outlook

Market Cements Itself as Technology Stronghold;
Investors Follow Workers into Metro

Sacramento remains prime destination for tech workers. Following the onset of the health crisis many tech employees sought accommodations in the metro to balance the need for larger apartments and houses and remain relatively close to their employers' campuses in the Bay Area. As a result, the cost of homeownership has increased at one of the highest rates in the nation. The rising expense of purchasing a home has facilitated one of the lowest apartment vacancy rates in the nation. Although some tech giants are recalling staff, many people are comfortable working remotely and do not wish to return to the high costs and elevated traffic associated with the Bay Area. Additionally, several employers are expanding offices in the market to alleviate expenses while also taking advantage of the proliferation of talented tech workers that have moved to the area. Sacramento appears to be on a path as an established technology market rather than a spillover metro when conditions get tight in the Bay Area.
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