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Market Report

Orlando Hospitality Market Report

2023 Investment Forecast

Light Rail Across Florida and Within Orlando Could Assist
Visitor Volumes and Influence Lodging Choices

Transit connectivity presents exciting prospects. Orlando’s hotel sector recovery pushes on this year, with average occupancy reaching within 200 basis points of 2019, aided by infrastructure upgrades. The opening of an Orlando station for the Brightline rail network is set for 2023, a monumental advancement for the line that previously served as a connector for solely the southeast Florida metros. Passengers will now be able to ride the train north from Miami, Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach to Orlando’s International Airport, helping attract residents from these markets. It also makes it easier for non-local visitors to plan multi-stop trips that can include both beach days in southeast Florida and theme park experiences in Orlando. Additionally, the local SunRail commuter train is planning expansions beyond 2023 to offshoot this new station. The Sunshine Corridor Program backed by Universal Orlando, among other local businesses, plans to create a rail line between the International Airport and the Orange County Convention Center, with stops along the way to assist commuting workers. This added connectivity would help travelers access the International Drive area, and hotels beyond historically-favored zones. Cost-conscious visitors may opt to ride the line outside of tourist-dense locales for cheaper lodging alternatives. 
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