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Market Report

Louisville Market Report

4Q 2020

Strong Logistics Presence in Louisville a Tailwind as E-Commerce Accelerates; Warehouse and Distribution Facilities Garnering the Most Buyer Attention

Rapid job recovery losing steam in the fall. At the onset of the health crisis in March and April more than 120,000 roles were lost, pushing metro unemployment above the national level at 17.1 percent. The recovery over the following four months was strong, however, as almost two-thirds of the jobs were added back. In July metro unemployment was down to 5.1 percent, which was among the lowest rates for major markets in the United States. Yet, sustaining positive momentum became more challenging as COVID-19 cases accelerated, raising unemployment to 5.5 percent in September. After the manufacturing sector nearly returned to the February personnel count, an additional 3.5 percent of the workforce was depleted in the months of August and September. 
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