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Market Report

Dallas-Fort Worth Industrial Market Report

Midyear 2023

Five Straight Years as Nation’s Supply Leader
Reverses Some Recent Vacancy Progress

Metroplex pipeline leads country by historic gap. From 2019 through 2022, Dallas-Fort Worth recorded the greatest amount of industrial space added nationally in each year, topping the next-closest market by an annual average of about 2 million square feet. This year, the Metroplex once again leads the country in completions, but the margin expands to a historic width. Dallas-Fort Worth’s projected 44 million square feet of supply additions during 2023 exceeds the second-place metro — Riverside-San Bernardino — by roughly 13 million square feet. The colossal nature of the local pipeline would pose challenges to vacancy in a normal year, but supply pressures will be particularly visible near-term amid a potential economic slowdown. As of mid-June, approximately 70 percent of 2023 deliveries were marked as available for lease. Unaccounted for new supply is the densest in South and East Dallas, as well as North Fort Worth: areas of desirable access to key logistics routes. 
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