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Market Report

Dallas-Fort Worth Hospitality Market Report

Midyear 2022

Tarrant County Positioned to Restore Occupancy Faster than Dallas,
Daily Rates Surging in Both

Less extreme drop in business travel aids Fort Worth/Arlington. During the past year ended in May, both Greater Dallas and Tarrant County recorded average occupancy rates that were at least 1,300 basis points stronger than their respective recordings in the prior 12-month period. Relative to their average occupancy measures during the same months of 2019, Tarrant County is about 400 basis points shy, and Greater Dallas is roughly 500 basis points behind. A recent study conducted by AHLA and Kalibri Labs could help explain this variation. The study projects that business travel revenue in Fort Worth will be down just 3 percent in 2022 when compared to 2019, while Dallas will have a decline exceeding 20 percent. The nature of business travel in these two markets contributes to this, as Dallas typically hosts more large-scale and international events, which have been slower to return in the wake of the pandemic. 
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