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Market Report

Dallas-Fort Worth Multifamily Market Report

2Q 2022

Thriving Economy Precipitates Demand Tailwinds;
Suburban Fort Worth in a Strikingly Strong Position

Corporate relocation pipeline strengthens outlook. Dallas-Fort Worth presents migrating firms an attractive destination, offering incentives, lower business costs and an abundant labor pool. Fortune 500 company AECOM is the latest major corporation to plant its global headquarters in Dallas, joining Charles Schwab and telecom giant DZS on the list of firms that left California for the Metroplex. Concurrently, rapidly rising office costs in Austin may prompt some in-state mobility, as seen with SupportNinja’s move to Dallas late last year. Businesses with an existing local presence are growing as well. At Home moved into a larger office in Coppell in December, eventually planning to house 1,000 workers at the facility. Relocations and expansions spawn recruitment efforts, bringing new residents to the Metroplex and boosting apartment demand.
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