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3 Riverway, #800

Houston, TX 77056
Office: (713) 452-4200

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Sophia Smondrowski


Sophia Smondrowski is a driven and enthusiastic real estate agent who is passionate about the booming medical real estate market. She is orignally from Gaithersburg, Maryland, where her interest in the industry was sparked by her father and uncle's careers. Sophia attended the University of Mississippi, where she majored in real estate finance and honed in her skills in the field. After graduation, Sophia made the move to Houston, Texas to specialize in medical commercial real estate.

Sophia’s clients appreciate her attention to detail, her willingness to go the extra mile, and her genuine love for the industry. When she's not working with clients or providing information about the market, Sophia enjoys unwinding with her loved ones, watching Netflix, playing chess, and exploring the city.
Sophia's drive, passion, and commitment to excellence have set her apart in the medical commercial real estate world. She is eager to see where her career will take her and is confident that her skills and dedication will lead her to great success.

License: TX: 797414

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