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Portland Office
111 SW 5th Avenue
Suite 1950
Portland, OR 97204
Office: (503) 200-2000

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Donaven Santana


Donaven Santana, a dedicated commercial real estate agent hailing from Lewiston, Idaho, brings a unique background deeply rooted in cattle ranching and vineyard ownership, infusing his real estate career with a robust work ethic and profound land appreciation. Donaven holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a Marketing and Management focus from George Fox University. His academic foundation is enriched by diverse experiences, including playing for the Men’s Basketball team and hands-on roles at Penner-Ash Wine Cellars Tasting Room. This background has finely honed his skills in customer service, teamwork, and communication. His extensive vineyard work experience provides him with a keen eye for property potential and value, while his construction background equips him with practical property development and renovation knowledge. Donaven’s roots in cattle ranching have instilled in him a deep sense of responsibility and determination, making him well-prepared for the challenges of the real estate industry. As a commercial real estate agent, Donaven infuses every transaction with his charismatic, energetic, and cooperative nature. He welcomes learning opportunities and embraces new challenges with a flexible and responsible approach. With his robust communication skills and unwavering determination, Donaven is well-equipped to help clients achieve their real estate goals while fostering enduring industry relationships.

License: OR: 201254215

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