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Adam Toelkes


With over 20 years as a sales professional and over 7 years in real estate, Adam brings vast experience and knowledge in negotiating deals to achieve positive outcomes for the benefit of his clients and creating win-win situations for everyone involved. Adam understands that the building of solid, lasting relationships is imperative to the success of any business. Referrals and repeat business are the greatest compliments that any professional can receive, and this only comes from hard work and proving your worth with every opportunity that is given. It is not always how it goes with the first deal, project or sale, it is what happens the next time the client or customer needs help that really measures success no matter what business one is in.

Adam specializes in office and industrial properties throughout central and southeast Virginia, and maintains a massive database of investors and owners of these two specific product types in this geographical area that are called on every single day, week in and week out, to find new potential buyers, uncover new inventory and to keep his finger on the pulse of this market to remain an expert on this product type for this region. This specialization is key in accessing current, relevant market data in order to advise clients on how to position their properties when it is time to sell, hold, refinance or potentially buy more properties add to their investment portfolios.

License: VA: 0225220653

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