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Kyle Baskin


Kyle Baskin is a Vice President Investments at Marcus & Millichap and a Senior Director of the National Manufactured Housing Communities Group. Kyle specializes in the sales and marketing of Manufactured Housing Communities Nationwide. 

Since 2009, Kyle has closed 98 transactions totaling $425,768,426 including15,565 units and 114 assets. Over the span of the last 5 years Kyle has represented Large and Small Private Investment Groups, Public REIT's, Receivers, National Lenders and Servicers. 

Kyle Baskin has successfully served owners and operators nationwide in the disposition of Manufactured Housing Community Investments. He has established himself as the premier broker throughout the Midwest, and has also had success in Florida, California, New Jersey, Maine, amongst other States. With offices across the nation, Kyle is able to share his local market knowledge with property owners, as well as reach out to a national platform to deliver the sale of an investment to a qualified buyer. In the event that you are considering marketing your property, this is a great opportunity to forego a lengthy marketing process and achieve a top market price.

Please feel free to email me at or call my office at 216-264-2059.

Kyle Baskin

Kyle Baskin

Senior Vice President Investments
Tel: (216) 264-2059
Fax: (216) 264-2010

License:  OH  SAL.2007000248

National Multi Housing Council

Senior Director - National Manufactured Home Communities Group
Senior Director - Institutional Property Advisors - Multifamily Investment Sales

Promoted to Senior Associate in February, 2012
Promoted to Associate Vice President Investments in March, 2014
Promoted to Vice President Investments in July, 2015
Promoted to First Vice President Investments in January, 2017
Promoted to Senior Vice President Investments in April, 2017

Chairman's Club (CC): 2017
National Achievement Award: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014
Sales Recognition Award: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012
Platinum: 2017, 2016, 2015

Ranked as the #1 Manufactured Housing Community Broker at Marcus & Millichap in 2012
Ranked as the #2 Manufactured Housing Community Broker at Marcus & Millichap in 2013 & 2014 

Transactions Closed

  • Lakes of Melbourne

    Lakes of Melbourne

    Mobile Home Park

    Melbourne, FL
    Price: $43,500,000
    Size: 602 units

  • Sun Valley Estates & Village of Ponce de Leon

    Sun Valley Estates & Village of Ponce de Leon

    Mobile Home Park

    Tarpon Springs, FL
    Price: $30,750,000
    Size: 388 units

  • Allendale Pines

    Allendale Pines

    Mobile Home Park

    Pittsfield, MA
    Price: $525,000
    Size: 56 units
    Cap Rate: 10.03%

  • Buckeye & Ohio Portfolio

    Buckeye & Ohio Portfolio

    Mobile Home Park

    Ravenna, OH
    Price: $24,950,000
    Size: 1,013 units
    Cap Rate: 7.54%

  • Oaks of Weymouth

    Oaks of Weymouth

    Mobile Home Park

    Mays Landing, NJ
    Price: $24,000,000
    Size: 626 units

  • The Silver Spur Community

    The Silver Spur Community

    Mobile Home Park

    Palm Desert, CA
    Size: 253 units

  • Lakeside Palm Beach

    Lakeside Palm Beach

    Mobile Home Park

    West Palm Beach, FL
    Price: $15,400,000
    Size: 260 units
    Cap Rate: 6.47%

  • Maine Portfolio

    Maine Portfolio

    Mobile Home Park

    Brunswick, ME
    Price: $14,400,000
    Size: 638 units
    Cap Rate: 11.24%

  • Melrose Portfolio

    Melrose Portfolio

    Mobile Home Park

    Wooster, OH
    Price: $11,800,000
    Size: 543 units
    Cap Rate: 8.04%

  • Shel Mar Estates

    Shel Mar Estates

    Mobile Home Park

    New Philadelphia, OH
    Size: 365 units
    Cap Rate: 8.75%

  • Delsea Woods MHC

    Delsea Woods MHC

    Mobile Home Park

    Vineland, NJ
    Price: $6,250,000
    Size: 131 units
    Cap Rate: 7.34%

  • Southern Terrace & Colonial Heights

    Southern Terrace & Colonial Heights

    Mobile Home Park

    Columbiana, OH
    Price: $5,900,000
    Size: 280 units
    Cap Rate: 8.83%

  • Hidden Cove

    Hidden Cove

    Mobile Home Park

    Bedford, OH
    Size: 282 units
    Cap Rate: 11.52%

  • Shel Mar Estates

    Shel Mar Estates

    Mobile Home Park

    New Philadelphia, OH
    Price: $5,075,000
    Size: 340 units
    Cap Rate: 10.02%

  • Patrician Park Estates

    Patrician Park Estates

    Mobile Home Park

    Yucaipa, CA
    Price: $4,812,500
    Size: 137 units
    Cap Rate: 6.78%

  • Twin Oaks MHC I & II

    Twin Oaks MHC I & II

    Mobile Home Park

    Olmsted Falls, OH
    Price: $4,350,000
    Size: 141 units
    Cap Rate: 8.28%

  • Caravan Village Portfolio

    Caravan Village Portfolio

    Mobile Home Park

    Columbus, OH
    Price: $4,150,000
    Size: 350 units
    Cap Rate: 10.85%

  • The Willows Senior Community

    The Willows Senior Community

    Mobile Home Park

    Goshen, IN
    Size: 255 units
    Cap Rate: 7.85%

  • Olmsted Mobile Home Park

    Olmsted Mobile Home Park

    Mobile Home Park

    Olmsted Township, OH
    Price: $3,600,000
    Size: 125 units
    Cap Rate: 9.25%

  • Valley Village

    Valley Village

    Mobile Home Park

    North East, PA
    Price: $3,500,000
    Size: 174 units
    Cap Rate: 7.53%

  • Meadowood MHC

    Meadowood MHC

    Mobile Home Park

    New Middletown, OH
    Price: $3,400,000
    Size: 123 units
    Cap Rate: 8.96%

  • Rustic Hills

    Rustic Hills

    Mobile Home Park

    Norwalk, OH
    Size: 140 units
    Cap Rate: 10.28%

  • Woodlawn Manor

    Woodlawn Manor

    Mobile Home Park

    Vero Beach, FL
    Price: $3,190,000
    Size: 96 units
    Cap Rate: 8.91%

  • Pine Villas

    Pine Villas

    Mobile Home Park

    Lodi, OH
    Size: 120 units
    Cap Rate: 8.77%

  • Fox Run

    Fox Run

    Mobile Home Park

    Randolph, OH
    Size: 200 units
    Cap Rate: 9.81%

  • Twinwall Village

    Twinwall Village

    Mobile Home Park

    Toledo, OH
    Size: 138 units
    Cap Rate: 9.85%

  • Countryside Estates

    Countryside Estates

    Mobile Home Park

    Muncie, IN
    Price: $2,100,000
    Size: 90 units
    Cap Rate: 7.72%

  • Sabina Manor Estates

    Sabina Manor Estates

    Mobile Home Park

    Sabina, OH
    Price: $1,500,000
    Size: 109 units
    Cap Rate: 7.25%

  • The Pleasant-Courtyard Portfolio

    The Pleasant-Courtyard Portfolio

    Mobile Home Park

    Columbus, OH
    Price: $1,240,000
    Size: 192 units
    Cap Rate: 29.27%

  • Northern Pines Mobile Home Park

    Northern Pines Mobile Home Park

    Mobile Home Park

    Columbus, OH
    Price: $1,000,000
    Size: 90 units
    Cap Rate: 11.75%

  • Ashfield Estates

    Ashfield Estates

    Mobile Home Park

    Mansfield, OH
    Size: 50 units
    Cap Rate: 9.24%

  • BCMC 5 Portfolio

    BCMC 5 Portfolio

    Mobile Home Park

    Marion, IN
    Price: $2,082,000
    Size: 367 units
    Cap Rate: 15.90%

  • Hillcrest MHP

    Hillcrest MHP

    Mobile Home Park

    Girard, OH
    Price: $700,000
    Size: 105 units
    Cap Rate: 13.03%

  • Millwood Acres MHP

    Millwood Acres MHP

    Mobile Home Park

    Etna Green, IN
    Price: $125,000
    Size: 50 units
    Cap Rate: 96.00%

  • Greenfield MHP

    Greenfield MHP

    Mobile Home Park

    Fenton, MO
    Price: $3,600,000
    Size: 153 units
    Cap Rate: 8.72%

  • Palm Bay/Colonial

    Palm Bay/Colonial

    Mobile Home Park

    Palmetto , FL
    Price: $27,800,000
    Size: 488 units
    Cap Rate: 6.08%

  • Tyler Storage

    Tyler Storage

    Self-Storage Facility

    Mentor, OH
    Price: $6,074,000
    Size: 464 units
    Cap Rate: 5.91%

  • Hidden Creek

    Hidden Creek

    Mobile Home Park

    Hamlin, NY
    Price: $7,428,571
    Size: 272 units
    Cap Rate: 8.44%

  • Vincennes MHP

    Vincennes MHP

    Mobile Home Park

    Vincennes , IN
    Price: $1,250,000
    Size: 104 units
    Cap Rate: 8.27%

  • Voyager & Huntington Portfolio

    Voyager & Huntington Portfolio

    Mobile Home Park

    West Newton, PA
    Price: $5,300,000
    Size: 324 units
    Cap Rate: 7.37%

  • Royal MHC Portfolio

    Royal MHC Portfolio

    Mobile Home Park

    Victor, NY
    Price: $79,642,592
    Size: 3,459 units
    Cap Rate: 9.86%

  • Singing Forest MHP

    Singing Forest MHP

    Mobile Home Park

    Floral City, FL
    Price: $3,050,000
    Size: 190 units
    Cap Rate: 13.83%

  • Whispering Willow

    Whispering Willow

    Mobile Home Park

    Geneva, OH
    Price: $2,150,000
    Size: 102 units
    Cap Rate: 8.31%

  • STL MHC Portfolio (3 MHC)

    STL MHC Portfolio (3 MHC)

    Mobile Home Park

    Fenton, MO
    Price: $7,550,000
    Size: 400 units
    Cap Rate: 13.21%

  • Crest Manor

    Crest Manor

    Mobile Home Park

    House Springs, MO
    Price: $3,700,000
    Size: 217 units
    Cap Rate: 6.77%

  • Jefferson Mobile Estates

    Jefferson Mobile Estates

    Mobile Home Park

    Jefferson, OH
    Price: $1,282,000
    Size: 100 units
    Cap Rate: 9.04%

  • Parker Shady Acres

    Parker Shady Acres

    Mobile Home Park

    St. Marys, OH
    Price: $685,000
    Size: 80 units
    Cap Rate: 11.13%

  • Holly Acres

    Holly Acres

    Mobile Home Park

    Erie, PA
    Price: $3,800,000
    Size: 141 units
    Cap Rate: 7.59%

  • Hunters Creek

    Hunters Creek

    Mobile Home Park

    Lapeer, MI
    Price: $15,221,788
    Size: 402 units
    Cap Rate: 8.04%

  • Montandon Trailer Park

    Montandon Trailer Park

    Mobile Home Park

    Montandon, PA
    Price: $2,025,000
    Size: 100 units
    Cap Rate: 8.75%

  • Sunrise MHP

    Sunrise MHP

    Mobile Home Park

    Las Vegas, NV
    Price: $10,850,000
    Size: 195 units
    Cap Rate: 6.66%

  • Oak Meadows

    Oak Meadows

    Mobile Home Park

    Greenwood, IN
    Price: $450,000
    Size: 135 units
    Cap Rate: -5.20%

  • Colonial Estates

    Colonial Estates

    Mobile Home Park

    Taunton, MA
    Price: $7,153,500
    Size: 148 units
    Cap Rate: 6.01%

  • Thunderbird MHC

    Thunderbird MHC

    Mobile Home Park

    Canton, OH
    Price: $810,000
    Size: 51 units
    Cap Rate: 12.57%

  • Southern Indiana Portfolio

    Southern Indiana Portfolio

    Mobile Home Park

    Vincennes, IN
    Price: $2,700,000
    Size: 150 units
    Cap Rate: 10.13%

  • Longhaven Estates

    Longhaven Estates

    Mobile Home Park

    Phoenix, AZ
    Price: $14,120,000
    Size: 314 units
    Cap Rate: 6.43%

  • Courtyard Senior Estates

    Courtyard Senior Estates

    Mobile Home Park

    Columbus, OH
    Price: $1,925,000
    Size: 67 units
    Cap Rate: 8.58%

  • Reesman's MHP

    Reesman's MHP

    Mobile Home Park

    Waynesburg, PA
    Price: $1,246,755
    Size: 102 units
    Cap Rate: 12.13%

  • Hayden Heights & Dallas MHP

    Hayden Heights & Dallas MHP

    Mobile Home Park

    Dublin, OH
    Price: $5,400,000
    Size: 257 units
    Cap Rate: 9.06%

  • 51 Estates & New Colony

    51 Estates & New Colony

    Mobile Home Park

    West Mifflin, PA
    Price: $9,500,000
    Size: 288 units
    Cap Rate: 7.06%

  • Pirates Cove Self Storage

    Pirates Cove Self Storage

    Self-Storage Facility

    Pinckney, MI
    Price: $2,545,000
    Size: 335 units
    Cap Rate: 7.48%

  • Pirates Cove Self-Storage II

    Pirates Cove Self-Storage II

    Self-Storage Facility

    Ann Arbor, MI
    Price: $1,474,000
    Size: 38,500 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.19%

  • Village Self Storage

    Village Self Storage

    Self-Storage Facility

    Powell, OH
    Size: 56,000 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.48%