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Jason Hornik


Jason Hornik specializes in the acquisition and disposition of multifamily properties located in the East Metro Denver, Aurora, and Northern Denver suburbs. A Wisconsin native, Jason first came to Denver to attend the University of Denver, where he served as a member of the Asset Expansion & Location Team for a prominent Midwestern firm. Jason was recruited to Marcus & Millichap directly out of college primarily due to his fluency in Real Estate Finance and Underwriting. Marcus & Millichap also was drawn to him by his proven multi-housing market knowledge on a micro and macro scale. Jason has made a strong impact in his first two years at the firm, closing 35 transactions across five states, earning the coveted Rookie of the Year award after his first year, and earning the Shooting Star award after his second. In 2019, Jason was awarded his first Sales Recognition Award.

Jason Hornik

Jason Hornik

Senior Associate
Tel: (303) 328-2064
Fax: (303) 328-2010

License:  CO  FA. 100070708

Associate Member - National Multi Housing Group

University of Denver, BSBA in real estate and construction management

Our Team

Jason Hornik & Greg Price

The Price Apartment Group

The Price Apartment Group of Marcus & Millichap is committed to providing Colorado and Wyoming B/C Class, dedicated affordable multi housing, and multi housing land product owners with superior consultative and transaction services. This includes short and long term business strategies, production and delivery of the most in-depth market research, and transaction execution through the most effective asset marketing strategies in the business. 

The Price Apartment Group covers the Colorado and Wyoming markets, facilitating comprehensive ‘boots on the ground’ marketing campaigns in every Colorado and Wyoming multi housing submarket. In addition, Marcus & Millichap demonstrates an unmatched nationwide outreach to tens of thousands of investors, not only to multi housing investors, but to cross-product investors that the Marcus & Millichap marketing platform provides access to. Our superior local and national reach results in the greatest amount of competition for our clients’ assets and produces the best environment for achieving the highest possible sales prices in the market. 

Each Price Apartment Group agent is held accountable for proactively marketing every exclusively listed asset to all possible buyers in the submarket they are responsible for.  Likewise, our support staff team members expertly conduct effective electronic and hard mail marketing campaigns, and provide seamless transaction experiences for our clients throughout the process, from under contract all the way through closing. In addition, as part of the market advantage we provide, our Marcus & Millichap Capital Corporation partners supply the most competitive debt structure options in the market. Further, Marcus & Millichap moves more capital across state lines than any other firm in the country.

Team Members:

  • Greg Price
    Senior Vice President Investments
    (303) 328-2000

Transactions Closed

  • Fitzsimons Junction

    Fitzsimons Junction


    Aurora, CO
    Price: $13,250,000
    Size: 103,764 sqft
    Size: 126 units
    Cap Rate: 5.80%

  • Fillmore Crossing

    Fillmore Crossing


    Colorado Springs, CO
    Price: $10,725,000
    Size: 88,604 sqft
    Size: 189 units
    Cap Rate: 6.50%

  • Centennial Aspen

    Centennial Aspen


    Aspen, CO
    Price: $50,500,000
    Size: 104,579 sqft
    Size: 148 units
    Cap Rate: 3.86%

  • Aspen Grove Apartmets

    Aspen Grove Apartmets


    Aurora, CO
    Price: $12,375,000
    Size: 56,610 sqft
    Size: 99 units
    Cap Rate: 5.73%

  • Elm Grove

    Elm Grove


    Aurora, CO
    Price: $7,200,000
    Size: 33,685 sqft
    Size: 59 units
    Cap Rate: 5.58%

  • The Riviera Apartments

    The Riviera Apartments


    Northglenn, CO
    Price: $12,025,000
    Size: 68,080 sqft
    Size: 100 units
    Cap Rate: 5.53%

  • Woodbury East Apartments

    Woodbury East Apartments


    Aurora, CO
    Price: $6,900,000
    Size: 45,780 sqft
    Size: 72 units
    Cap Rate: 5.42%

  • Geneva Plaza

    Geneva Plaza


    Aurora, CO
    Price: $2,470,000
    Size: 17,600 sqft
    Size: 28 units
    Cap Rate: 5.21%

  • Woodhaven Apartments

    Woodhaven Apartments


    Pueblo, CO
    Price: $5,850,000
    Size: 58,574 sqft
    Size: 80 units
    Cap Rate: 7.10%

  • Eagle's Nest Apartments

    Eagle's Nest Apartments


    Rifle, CO
    Price: $1,650,000
    Size: 27,115 sqft
    Size: 30 units
    Cap Rate: 6.60%

  • Royal Oaks Apartments

    Royal Oaks Apartments


    Fond Du Lac, WI
    Price: $5,600,000
    Size: 72,160 sqft
    Size: 120 units
    Cap Rate: 5.96%

  • Prairie Meadows II & III

    Prairie Meadows II & III

    Multifamily Tax Credit

    Germantown, WI
    Price: $6,050,000
    Size: 63,279 sqft
    Size: 74 units
    Cap Rate: 6.31%

  • 6261 Monaco St

    6261 Monaco St


    Commerce City, CO
    Price: $1,550,000
    Size: 16,748 sqft
    Size: 33 units
    Cap Rate: 8.71%

  • Prospect Plaza Apartments

    Prospect Plaza Apartments


    Trinidad, CO
    Price: $1,775,000
    Size: 24,500 sqft
    Size: 48 units
    Cap Rate: 13.10%

  • 601 & 605 Briar Lane

    601 & 605 Briar Lane


    Allouez, WI
    Price: $1,400,000
    Size: 18,600 sqft
    Size: 24 units

  • 2324 S High St

    2324 S High St


    Denver, CO
    Price: $918,750
    Size: 2,400 sqft
    Size: 04 units
    Cap Rate: 4.97%

  • Golden Arms Apartments

    Golden Arms Apartments


    Craig, CO
    Price: $2,537,500
    Size: 55,960 sqft
    Size: 64 units
    Cap Rate: 6.58%

  • Grafton Manor

    Grafton Manor


    Grafton, WI
    Price: $1,435,000
    Size: 24,420 sqft
    Size: 24 units

  • Athens



    Denver, CO
    Price: $3,100,000
    Size: 8,500 sqft
    Size: 17 units
    Cap Rate: 5.11%

  • 510 Smokey Trail Dr

    510 Smokey Trail Dr


    Limon, CO
    Price: $3,100,000
    Size: 29,442 sqft
    Size: 38 units
    Cap Rate: 7.08%

  • Doctors Drive Apartments

    Doctors Drive Apartments


    Neenah, WI
    Price: $640,000
    Size: 14,490 sqft
    Size: 16 units
    Cap Rate: 8.62%

  • Asbury Gardens

    Asbury Gardens


    Denver, CO
    Price: $3,550,000
    Size: 14,614 sqft
    Size: 22 units
    Cap Rate: 5.17%

  • 10640 W 38th Place

    10640 W 38th Place


    Wheat Ridge, CO
    Price: $745,000
    Size: 2,968 sqft
    Size: 04 units
    Cap Rate: 5.73%

  • 2018-2020 Peabody Lane

    2018-2020 Peabody Lane


    Louisville, KY
    Price: $1,100,000
    Size: 16,800 sqft
    Size: 24 units
    Cap Rate: 7.01%

  • 1275, 1319, 1327, 1339 West Beau Ryan Court

    1275, 1319, 1327, 1339 West Beau Ryan Court


    Appleton, WI
    Price: $1,660,000
    Size: 17,536 sqft
    Size: 16 units
    Cap Rate: 5.73%

  • 5765 Bannock Street

    5765 Bannock Street


    Littleton, CO
    Price: $800,000
    Size: 4,030 sqft
    Size: 06 units
    Cap Rate: 3.78%

  • 7340 Bradburn Blvd

    7340 Bradburn Blvd


    Westminster, CO
    Price: $600,150
    Size: 6,100 sqft
    Size: 06 units
    Cap Rate: 6.85%

  • 2397 S Locust St

    2397 S Locust St


    Denver, CO
    Price: $587,000
    Size: 3,300 sqft
    Size: 04 units
    Cap Rate: 7.76%

  • 1385 Jamaica St

    1385 Jamaica St


    Aurora, CO
    Price: $740,000
    Size: 3,600 sqft
    Size: 08 units
    Cap Rate: 5.16%

  • 1531 Wabash St

    1531 Wabash St


    Denver, CO
    Price: $525,000
    Size: 3,300 sqft
    Size: 06 units
    Cap Rate: 6.60%

  • All Around Storage

    All Around Storage

    Self-Storage Facility

    Wisconsin Dells, WI
    Price: $1,060,000
    Size: 246 units
    Cap Rate: 2.93%

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