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Isaak Heitzeberg


Isaak graduated from Saint Mary’s College with a degree in History in 1998, and earned an MA from San Francisco State in History in 2000.
Prior to working at Marcus and Millichap, Isaak spent 15 years working as a High School History Teacher and Coach. As a coach, Isaak won league championships in Skiing, Baseball, Basketball and Track, and won Coach of the Year Awards in several different sports. He was a beloved teacher to hundreds of graduates and known for his enthusiasm, and ability to bring history alive. He brings that same passion to commercial Real Estate Investments, and is known for his excellent communication skills and ability to relate to clients of all ages and backgrounds. He puts a strong emphasis on client relationships over the long haul, not just the transaction currently in front of him.  In the past 12 months, Isaak has closed over 40 Million in Transactions, and over 400 Apartment Units. 
Isaak specializes in Multi-Family Investments in the Sacramento area, including Davis, Woodland, Vacaville, Fairfield, and the San Joaquin Valle south to Merced. Isaak has a unique ability to harness his knowledge of history and past education to speak to clients from different backgrounds and come up with fair, deliverable deals. His past experience as a teacher, has given Isaak years of experience of public speaking, and allows him to clearly explain even arcane knowledge in clearly understandable ways.
In his spare time, Isaak loves to spend time with his wife and children. Isaak loves to ski, golf, hike, travel and ride his bike all over CA.  

Isaak Heitzeberg

Isaak Heitzeberg

Senior Associate
Tel: (916) 724-1285
Fax: (916) 724-1410

License:  CA  01989468

Associate Director - National Multi Housing Group

Promoted to Senior Associate in December, 2018

Saint Mary's College, Bachelor's
San Francisco State University, Master's, 2000

CVCL Basketball Coach of the Year, 2008,2009
2016 Pace Setter Award 
2016 Rookie of the Year 


Multi Family Housing

Isaak specializes in Multi Family and Senior Housing in the Sacramento Valley, from Woodland to Merced.

Transactions Closed

  • Gold Ridge

    Gold Ridge


    Sacramento, CA
    Price: $27,400,000
    Size: 221,460 sqft
    Size: 268 units
    Cap Rate: 6.33%

  • Canterbury Village

    Canterbury Village

    Multifamily & Other User

    Sacramento, CA
    Price: $5,600,000
    Size: 55,272 sqft
    Size: 154 units
    Cap Rate: 19.13%

  • Lake Hills Villa

    Lake Hills Villa

    Assisted Living Care

    El Dorado Hills, CA
    Price: $560,000
    Size: 03 units
    Cap Rate: 17.65%

  • Hayspur



    Nampa, ID
    Price: $2,910,000
    Size: 27,900 sqft
    Size: 30 units

  • New Hope Senior Village Apartments

    New Hope Senior Village Apartments

    Multifamily Tax Credit

    Galt, CA
    Price: $3,150,000
    Size: 37,580 sqft
    Size: 56 units

  • Roseberry Home Care

    Roseberry Home Care

    Assisted Living Care

    Roseville, CA
    Price: $950,000
    Size: 3,247 sqft
    Size: 10 units
    Cap Rate: 22.31%

  • 212 East Tabor

    212 East Tabor

    Land - Multi-Family

    Fairfield, CA
    Price: $75,000
    Size: 121,532 sqft

  • Villa Rita Senior Apartments

    Villa Rita Senior Apartments


    Chico, CA
    Price: $4,250,000
    Size: 32,681 sqft
    Size: 59 units
    Cap Rate: 5.71%

  • Bald Rock Plaza

    Bald Rock Plaza

    Shopping Strip

    Oroville, CA
    Price: $2,020,000
    Size: 15,000 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.23%

  • 1270 Melton Dr

    1270 Melton Dr


    Yuba City, CA
    Price: $1,850,000
    Size: 20,308 sqft
    Size: 31 units
    Cap Rate: 6.27%

  • 2719 Mitchell Avenue

    2719 Mitchell Avenue


    Oroville, CA
    Price: $4,125,000
    Size: 62,800 sqft
    Size: 88 units
    Cap Rate: 6.26%

  • Olive Courts

    Olive Courts


    Auburn, CA
    Price: $3,055,000
    Size: 19,725 sqft
    Size: 21 units
    Cap Rate: 5.17%

  • Wright Street Duplexes

    Wright Street Duplexes


    Sacramento, CA
    Price: $1,800,000
    Size: 6,720 sqft
    Size: 10 units
    Cap Rate: 5.51%

  • 200 E Tabor Avenue

    200 E Tabor Avenue


    Fairfield, CA
    Price: $1,650,000
    Size: 12,420 sqft
    Size: 23 units
    Cap Rate: 10.04%

  • C&S Apartments

    C&S Apartments


    Yuba City, CA
    Price: $1,200,000
    Size: 15,750 sqft
    Size: 20 units
    Cap Rate: 5.61%

  • Bridge Street Apartments

    Bridge Street Apartments


    Yuba City, CA
    Price: $481,000
    Size: 4,100 sqft
    Size: 06 units
    Cap Rate: 7.57%

  • Southside Park

    Southside Park


    Sacramento, CA
    Price: $1,600,000
    Size: 6,900 sqft
    Size: 08 units
    Cap Rate: 3.26%

  • Rockingham Plaza Buildings A and C

    Rockingham Plaza Buildings A and C

    Shopping Strip

    Rancho Cordova, CA
    Price: $4,274,955
    Size: 64,191 sqft

  • Rockingham Plaza Buildings A and C

    Rockingham Plaza Buildings A and C

    Shopping Strip

    Rancho Cordova, CA
    Size: 64,191 sqft
    Cap Rate: 51.95%