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Atlanta Apartment Research Report

Atlanta Area, Second Quarter 2014

The local economy is gaining momentum, resulting in steady job growth and fueling demand for rentals. Metrowide vacancy has improved nearly 500 basis points since reaching a high during the downturn in 2009. Although conditions have tightened, the recovery has been uneven throughout the region.More

Austin Apartment Research Report

Austin Metro Area, Second Quarter 2014

Demand for Austin apartments will rise substantially in 2014 thanks to strong job creation, above-average population growth and rising home prices. The local vacancy rate will also climb, however, as more than 14,000 new units come online.More

Boston Apartment Research Report

Boston Metro Area, Second Quarter 2014

Moderate jobs gains generated by the high-paying professional and business services sector and the growing number of tech startups are driving demand for apartments in the Boston metro. Life-science and technology companies are flocking to the region, lured by the talented workforce and notable colleges and universities.More

Chicago Apartment Research Report

Chicago Metro Area, Second Quarter 2014

Companies relocating from the Chicago suburbs to downtown are boosting employment in the city, while long commutes are motivating renters to move into the urban core. Power Construction Co. and e-retailer the Tie Bar are two of the latest companies announcing plans to move downtown.More

Cincinnati Apartment Research Report

Cincinnati Metro Area, Second Quarter 2014

Development is on the rise in Cincinnati, supported by improved employment growth, rising household incomes and strong apartment operations. This year, the median household income is forecast to pass the 2008 peak, while job growth accelerates to the quickest pace in three years.More

Cleveland Apartment Research Report

Cleveland-Akron Region, Second Quarter 2014

Steady economic growth and downtown development are attracting renters to the metro, though heightened multifamily completions will outpace demand, pushing up vacancy. Cranes are filling the skyline in downtown Cleveland as hotel, retail and housing developers ramp up production.More