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Net-Leased Retail Research Report

National Report, Second Quarter 2015

The net-leased retail market entered 2015 on mixed footing as low oil prices hamper earnings at gas stations while the extra income in consumers’ pockets are redirected to other purchases. As a net importer, the United States retains billions of dollars within its borders due to the lower price of energy.More

Atlanta Retail Research Report

Atlanta Metro Area, Second Quarter 2015

Sizable advances in population and employment growth have sparked a resurgence in the retail sector, pushing the recession recovery to new heights. As major corporations such as Mercedes-Benz, Comcast and Wal-Mart join the legions of tech firms expanding in Atlanta, retailers have received the necessary motivation to open new locations.More

Austin Retail Research Report

Austin Metro Area, Second Quarter 2015

Strong population and job growth through the year will bolster retail spending, stimulating tenant demand and allowing vacancy to tighten as deliveries remain modest. Job creation in the technology sector and other high-paying industries will remain robust and draw new residents to the metro.More

Boston Retail Research Report

Boston Metro Area, Second Quarter 2015

Boston area job gains are strengthening household demand for residences and goods throughout the metro. Additions have placed payrolls above the 2008 peak by 100,000 positions, situated for an upward trajectory this year.More

Charlotte Retail Research Report

Charlotte Metro Area, Second Quarter 2015

Heightened job growth and favorable demographics will attract many retailers to Charlotte in 2015. Companies within Uptown, such as AvidXchange, and in the market’s secondary areas, like GKN Driveline, are among those that have announced expanding payrolls over the upcoming years.More

Chicago Retail Research Report

Chicago Metro Area, Second Quarter 2015

Retailers are expanding in the Chicago metro, drawn by the improving local economy. Steady employment gains will place Chicago within reach of replacing all of the jobs lost during the recession by year end.More