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Investor Sentiment Research Report

National Report, Third Quarter 2014

Investors are very bullish on the outlook for the commercial real estate sector, and they are backing up that confidence by investing more capital.More

National Hospitality Research Report

National Report, Fourth Quarter 2014

A more vigorous pace of economic growth is enabling more consumers to travel and spawning additional business trips, igniting a new wave of potent room demand growth and greater gains in revenue measures.More

Special Research Capital Markets Report

special capital
National Report, Fall 2014

Strong capital flows, from both equity and debt sources, are boosting the liquidity of the commercial real estate market and driving transaction activity.More

California Hospitality Research Report

State of California, Second Half 2014

Local economies throughout California expanded at a respectable pace in the first half of 2014, and additional growth in several industries will provide a solid foundation for further improvement in hotel performance.More

Florida Hospitality Research Report

State of Florida, Second Half 2014

Conditions in Florida’s hotel sector remain on an upswing. Properties statewide are recording respectable growth in room nights during leisure periods and an inflow of business travelers that is characteristic of an expanding economy.More

Georgia Hospitality Research Report

State of Georgia, Second Half 2014

A robust recovery in the Georgia hotel sector is decidedly underway and gaining momentum, propelled by rising business and leisure travel, and minimal new construction.More