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National Apartment Research Report

National Report, 2015

Economic and investment conditions are the healthiest they have been in years. Accelerated hiring, together with the rebound in U.S. GDP growth in the second and third quarters of 2014, set the economy on a self-sustaining course of expansion, broadly led by uptrends in business and residential investment, exports and consumption.More

Atlanta Apartment Research Report

Atlanta, 2015 Outlook

A wave of apartment inventory will be delivered this year, though vacancy will tighten as robust employment growth fuels housing demand. Last year, nearly every sector contributed to gains, helping the metro recoup all jobs lost during the recession.More

Austin Apartment Research Report

Austin, 2015 Outlook

Austin’s apartment market remains poised for another strong year in 2015 thanks to above-average job growth, in-migration and household formation. Elevated hiring in the tech sector, in particular, will continue to support outsized expansion in Austin’s prime renter age cohort, which this year is forecast to grow at a rate five times the U.S. average.More

Baltimore Apartment Research Report

Baltimore, 2015 Outlook

Baltimore metro employers will add positions in the government and education and health services sectors, drawing more college-educated, young workers who seek to rent apartments in live-work-play environments.More

Boston Apartment Research Report

Boston, 2015 Outlook

Young professionals are moving to Boston in search of higher-paying jobs generated by the booming healthcare and tech industries. While pharmaceutical companies, including GE Healthcare, Amgen and Novartis AG, are consolidating operations elsewhere, they are expanding in Boston and Cambridge.More

Charlotte Apartment Research Report

Charlotte, 2015 Outlook

Charlotte’s growing economy has made it an attractive destination for young professionals, increasing apartment demand and encouraging development and rent growth. Employers are expanding their footprints across the metro, pushing total employment well beyond the pre-recession peak.More