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National Hospitality Research Report

National Report, 2015 Outlook

The U.S. hotel sector surges into 2015 riding robust economic growth that will raise occupancy, ADR and RevPAR above the lofty levels established last year. Room inventory will also rise through the rollout of new brands and expansions of existing flags, though supply growth is not yet a significant hindrance to achieving greater industrywide performance.More

California Hospitality Research Report

State of California, 2015 Outlook

A diverse array of demand drivers throughout the state and relatively restrained hotel construction will push up occupancy and strengthen RevPAR in California during 2015.More

The Carolinas Hospitality Research Report

The Carolinas, 2015 Outlook

A vibrant corporate sector and rising demand during peak leisure periods will lift occupancy in the Carolinas in 2015 and empower operators to push daily rates higher. The region comes off a solid performance in 2014, when each state posted full-year occupancy in excess of the pre-recession peak.More

Central and North Plains Hospitality Report

Central and North Plains Region, 2015 Outlook

The hotels in the Central & North Plains have quietly and steadily come back from recessionary lows, and room demand and revenues will continue to grow in the year ahead as local economies heat up.More

Energy Belt Hospitality Research Report

Energy Belt, 2015 Outlook

Hotel occupancy and room revenue will moderate this year in the Energy Corridor as new properties come online, while room demand will soften amid falling oil prices.More

Florida Hospitality Research Report

State of Florida, 2015 Outlook

Reinvigorated demand drivers will lift occupancy and raise revenue measures by more than the U.S. rate of growth during 2015 in Florida. Developers are increasingly taking notice of the sustained recovery in the state’s hotel sector, but available rooms will rise only modestly this year.More