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National Seniors Housing Research Report

Seniors Housing
National Report, Second Half 2014

A stellar national economy and improved housing market are paying dividends for all sectors of seniors housing. Retirees are unlocking equity once trapped in their homes due to the soft housing market and deploying those funds towards entrance-fee CCRCs or other seniors housing options.More

Manufactured Housing Research Report

National Report, Second Half 2014

Rising home prices, increased job creation and a large baby boomer population heading into retirement are supporting improved occupancy in manufactured home communities. In more metros, the cost of owning a traditional site-built home is beyond what many working households can afford.More

National Self-Storage Research Report

National Report, Second Half 2014

The national self-storage sector steams into the second half of 2014 following several quarters of strengthening property operations. Space demand is growing significantly in conjunction with an expanding economy, while restrained supply growth persists.More

Atlanta Self-Storage Research Report

Atlanta Area, Second Half 2014

Job growth will accelerate this year as employers create 68,000 positions in the metro, expanding payrolls 2.8 percent, the greatest increase in employment since 2006. Last year, approximately 64,000 jobs were added in Atlanta, marking a 2.7 percent rise.More

Austin Self-Storage Research Report

Austin Area, Second Half 2014

In 2014, Austin employment will expand for the fifth consecutive year as local employers create 33,500 jobs, an annual increase of 3.8 percent. Last year, 36,100 positions were added to the metro, a rise of 4.3 percent.More

Baltimore Self-Storage Research Report

Baltimore Area, Second Half 2014

Employment in Baltimore increased 1.5 percent in 2013 as employers added 19,500 workers. In 2014, Baltimore will record the largest annual job growth since 2005, expanding payrolls 2.0 percent through the addition of 26,000 jobs.More