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National Industrial Research Report

National Report, Midyear 2015

The broadening economic growth cycle has accelerated industrial sector momentum, tightening vacancies across most metros and supporting strong rent growth. The headwinds that emerged over the winter months have largely dissipated, with a few notable exceptions.More

National Hospitality Research Report

National Report, Midyear 2015

On the tail of strong economic growth in 2014, the U.S. hotel sector gained momentum in the first quarter and is decidedly tracking another year of superior performance.More

California Hospitality Research Report

State of California, Midyear 2015

Hotels in California glided through the first quarter and stayed on course for recording higher occupancy, ADR and RevPAR for the entire year. Demand drivers are growing more robust, led by expanding employment, a key proxy for economic growth.More

The Carolinas Hospitality Research Report

The Carolinas, Midyear 2015

Robust economic growth will yield higher annual occupancy, ADR and RevPAR in the Carolinas during full-year 2015. Increases in leisure travel within the region will occur as recently hired workers gain paid vacation time and thriving industries draw out-of-area business travelers.More

Central and North Plains Hospitality Report

Central & North Plains, Midyear 2015

A muted pace of new hotel openings, plus reliable and established drivers of room demand, are raising the performance of the hospitality sector in the Central & North Plains region. Collectively, Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri hotels are in sound shape heading into the warm-weather months.More

Mid-Atlantic Hospitality Research Report

Mid-Atlantic Region, Midyear 2015

Relatively vigorous performance during the first quarter in spite of severe weather and slower economic activity underscored the growing resilience of the Mid-Atlantic region and brightens prospects for strong performance in 2015.More