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Atlanta Apartment Research Report

Atlanta Area, Fourth Quarter 2014

Metro Atlanta apartment operations have made substantial strides since the downturn and show no signs of slowing. Employment growth in the region exceeded the national average for four years and is expected to surpass pre-recession levels this year.More

Austin Apartment Research Report

Austin Metro Area, Fourth Quarter 2014

Austin apartment operators will enjoy tight conditions and significant rent growth this year despite record-high completions. Strong job creation in the metro, particularly in the high-tech sector, remains a lure for young professionals.More

Boston Apartment Research Report

Boston Metro Area, Fourth Quarter 2014

Employment growth in Boston’s high-wage tech and health industries is boosting demand for apartments. The professional and business services and education and health services sectors have far surpassed pre-recession employment and continue to thrive.More

Chicago Apartment Research Report

Chicago Metro Area, Fourth Quarter 2014

Demand for rentals in Chicago is mounting as employment gains traction and household formation escalates. More than 19,000 households have been added in the metro over the past year, increasing the need for housing.More

Cincinnati Apartment Research Report

Cincinnati Metro Area, Fourth Quarter 2014

The Cincinnati metro is strengthening as various Fortune 500 companies expand, intensifying apartment demand. Locally headquartered Kroger will hire 1,200 positions in the metro. Convergys will bring 500 jobs, while Amazon and eBay will increase hiring across the river in northern Kentucky.More

Cleveland Apartment Research Report

Cleveland Metro Area, Fourth Quarter 2014

Cleveland will receive the largest addition to its apartment inventory in more than a decade this year, yet vacancy is retreating as solid job gains fuel demand for rentals. Employment in the construction sector is growing while the region gears up for the Republican National Convention, which will put a spotlight on the metro.More