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Atlanta Apartment Research Report

Atlanta Metro Area, Fourth Quarter 2015

A string of business relocations has bolstered an already vibrant Atlanta economy, supporting strong household growth throughout the market. Mercedes-Benz is the most recent major employer to establish a national head office in the metro, joining other international automakers such as Porsche.More

Austin Apartment Research Report

Austin Metro Area, Fourth Quarter 2015

The Austin metro is the most expensive residential market in the state of Texas, and a steady, strong rate of growth for single-family home prices will foster high demand for apartments through the remainder of this year.More

Boston Apartment Research Report

Boston Metro Area, Fourth Quarter 2015

An acceleration in hiring is elevating local employment, especially in professional and tech positions, and generating new rental housing demand. Through the first nine months of 2015, newly formed households continued to fill a variety of rentals, including higher-priced units near employers and entertainment venues.More

Chicago Apartment Research Report

Chicago Metro Area, Fourth Quarter 2015

Despite a flood of apartment construction this year, healthy employment gains will generate sufficient renter demand to offset supply-side pressures. Chicago’s position as the gateway market in the Midwest attracts jobs and residents to the region.More

Cincinnati Apartment Research Report

Cincinnati Metro Area, Fourth Quarter 2015

Employment growth remains robust in the Cincinnati metro, strengthening apartment operations. New employee headcounts are nearing levels not registered since the late ’90s. Professional fields as well as industrial and retail jobs have made significant staffing expansions, increasing the number of millennials in the area.More

Cleveland Apartment Research Report

Cleveland Metro Area, Fourth Quarter 2015

The Republican National Convention is coming to town next summer, providing developers the necessary incentive to meet their project deadlines. The local economy is firing on all cylinders in preparation for the event with multiple hotels and entertainment sites undergoing renovations.More