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National Hospitality Research Report

National Report, Midyear 2014

With the economy gaining momentum during the second quarter, little appears to stand in the way of the U.S. hotel sector attaining new highs in occupied rooms and room revenue in 2014.More

Retail Outlook Research Report

special capital
National Report, Third Quarter 2014

Escalating job gains and rising consumer confidence have supported retail spending, but weak income growth constrains core retail sales. The U.S. population increased by 9.0 million residents over the past four years, supporting an accelerated pace of retail sales growth despite the slower pace of job growth and net absorption throughout the recovery.More

Apartment Outlook Research Report

special capital
National Report, Third Quarter 2014

Headlines for the apartment sector have emphasized the rising investment risk associated with accelerating levels of new supply. Another topic of discussion is the idea that apartment sector performance, well into a mature phase of the real-estate cycle, has plateaued.More

The Carolinas Hospitality Research Report

The Carolinas, Midyear 2014

Thriving demand drivers will fill additional hotel rooms and lift daily rates throughout the Carolinas over the second half of 2014, further augmenting cash flows for many properties in both states.More

Central and North Plains Hospitality Report

Central and North Plains Region*, Midyear 2014

Expanding business travel and higher leisure volume will support a gain in occupancy this year to the mid-59 percent range in Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri, collectively known as the Central & North Plains region.More

Mid-Atlantic Hospitality Research Report

Mid-Atlantic Region*, Midyear 2014

Following last year’s sequester-influenced performance, hotels in the Mid-Atlantic region are posting stronger results thus far in 2014 and are positioning for respectable growth in primary operating measures for the entire year.More