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Sharon Bands


Sharon Bands, affiliated with the National Retail Group of Marcus and Millichap, is consistently one of the top producing multi-tenant retail brokers on the east coast. During her expansive career she has sold over 250 properties. Known as a shopping center expert, Ms. Bands has completed transactions on 8 million square feet of retail with an aggregate value of $1.2 billion. Ms Bands represents sellers and buyers throughout the country and has sold properties in 20 states. She also has expertise in other property types, having closed over 3 million square feet of office building transactions, as well as numerous multi-family (at least 25,000 units), industrial, and development sites.

Ms. Bands has represented some of the nation's largest developers, Pension Funds, and REITs who have hired her to sell their properties. These include Kimco Realty Corp., Benderson Development, JDN Realty, AEW Capital Management, Regency Realty Corp., Chase Properties, Price Legacy, AIG Baker, Citibank, Pyramid, Developers Diversified, and Centro Properties. Additionally, she is distinguished as having an extensive track record in transactions involving high net worth individuals, partnerships, family trusts, and investors representing offshore capital. As a result of her extensive real estate experience, Sharon Bands has the unique capability to access the appropriate decision makers within the top strata of private and institutional owners, most of whom she knows on a first name basis.

Ms. Bands was previously affiliated with Grubb & Ellis as a Senior Managing Director and was acknowledged with the Circle of Excellence Award- an honor reserved for brokers with sales in the top 2%, nationally. Ms. Bands also spent nine years with Edward S. Gordon (now CB Richard Ellis) as a Vice President and Managing Director of their Investment Sales Department. Since joining Marcus & Millichap in 2000, she has received annual sales awards including the prestigious Chairman's Club, which was given to only 30 Marcus & Millichap brokers out of 1,300. She is a five time winner of the National Achievement Award and in 2002,  she is also recognized as being within Marcus & Millichap's top echelon of achieving brokers. She is also a member of the 7 Figures Club.

Sharon Bands

Sharon Bands

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
Tel: (212) 430-5117
Fax: (212) 430-5110

License:  NY  30BA1154283

International Council of Shopping Centers

- National Office and Industrial Properties Group
- National Multi Housing Group
- National Retail Group
- Net Leased Properties Group

Promoted in July, 2002
Promoted in January, 2008
Promoted in January, 2017

Chairman's Club (CC): 2004
National Achievement Award: 2007, 2004, 2003, 2002
Sales Recognition Award: 2013, 2011, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001

Transactions Closed



    Shopping Neighborhood

    Upstate New York, NY
    Price: $39,000,000
    Size: 356,046 sqft
    Cap Rate: -0.23%

  • Dickson City Crossings

    Dickson City Crossings

    Shopping Strip

    Dickson City, PA
    Price: $28,125,000
    Size: 307,000 sqft
    Cap Rate: 1.65%

  • Mullica Hill Plaza

    Mullica Hill Plaza

    Shopping Neighborhood

    Mullica Hill, NJ
    Price: $22,000,000
    Size: 86,842 sqft
    Cap Rate: 6.61%

  • 194 East 2nd Street

    194 East 2nd Street


    New York, NY
    Price: $21,000,000

  • Mount Olive Parkade

    Mount Olive Parkade

    Shopping Regional

    Mount Olive, NJ
    Price: $19,000,000
    Size: 96,608 sqft
    Cap Rate: 0%

  • Hickory Grove Shopping Center

    Hickory Grove Shopping Center

    Shopping Strip

    Cleveland, TN
    Price: $17,400,000
    Size: 232,540 sqft
    Size: 01 units
    Cap Rate: 7.66%

  • Charter Oak Marketplace

    Charter Oak Marketplace

    Shopping Community

    Hartford, CT
    Price: $16,500,000
    Size: 259,056 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.55%

  • 230 East 44th Street

    230 East 44th Street


    New York, NY
    Price: $16,200,000
    Size: 135,315 sqft
    Size: 168 units
    Cap Rate: 22.95%

  • 8487 Union Chapel Road

    8487 Union Chapel Road

    Shopping Community

    Indianapolis, IN
    Price: $15,300,000
    Size: 86,634 sqft
    Cap Rate: 6.78%

  • Home Depot

    Home Depot

    Net Leased Miscellaneous

    Bridgewater, MA
    Price: $15,150,000
    Size: 132,984 sqft
    Cap Rate: 5.45%

  • Park Pavillion

    Park Pavillion

    Shopping Strip

    Plano, TX
    Size: 140,714 sqft
    Cap Rate: 9.41%

  • Retail - Shopping Regional

    Retail - Shopping Regional

    Shopping Regional

    North of Chattanooga, TN
    Price: $12,000,000
    Size: 245,000 sqft
    Cap Rate: 10.00%

  • Nine Mall Plaza

    Nine Mall Plaza

    Shopping Strip

    Poughkeepsie, NY
    Price: $11,932,500
    Size: 99,656 sqft
    Cap Rate: 9.78%

  • Home Depot

    Home Depot

    Net Leased Miscellaneous

    Bridgewater, MA
    Price: $11,550,000
    Size: 132,984 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.14%

  • K-Mart Shopping Center

    K-Mart Shopping Center

    Shopping Strip

    Henderson, NV
    Price: $11,250,000
    Size: 114,231 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.36%

  • Duval Station Centre

    Duval Station Centre

    Shopping Community

    Jacksonville, FL
    Price: $10,757,480

  • 300 West 20th Street Development Project

    300 West 20th Street Development Project

    Land - Mixed-Use

    New York, NY
    Price: $10,450,000
    Size: 45,000 sqft

  • Plaza at Crystal Run

    Plaza at Crystal Run

    Shopping Regional

    Middletown, NY
    Price: $9,650,000
    Size: 95,241 sqft
    Cap Rate: 10.98%

  • Lafayette Center

    Lafayette Center

    Shopping Community

    Marietta, OH
    Price: $9,325,000
    Size: 109,856 sqft
    Cap Rate: 10.45%

  • Hollywood Festival Centre

    Hollywood Festival Centre

    Shopping Community

    Hollywood, FL
    Price: $8,700,000
    Size: 135,056 sqft
    Cap Rate: 2.71%

  • Shop 'n Save (Supervalu-SVU)

    Shop 'n Save (Supervalu-SVU)

    Net Leased Grocery Store

    Ballwin (St. Louis), MO
    Price: $8,450,000
    Size: 53,411 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.53%

  • Oakland Park Festival Center

    Oakland Park Festival Center

    Shopping Strip

    Oakland Park, FL
    Price: $8,100,000
    Size: 132,226 sqft
    Cap Rate: 2.75%

  • 300 West 20th Street Development Project

    300 West 20th Street Development Project

    Land - Mixed-Use

    New York, NY
    Price: $8,000,000
    Size: 45,000 sqft

  • Skyview Plaza

    Skyview Plaza

    Shopping Strip

    East Liverpool, OH
    Price: $7,700,000
    Size: 84,629 sqft
    Cap Rate: 13.23%

  • Magic City Plaza

    Magic City Plaza

    Shopping Community

    Barberton, OH
    Price: $7,500,000
    Size: 238,033 sqft
    Cap Rate: 10.68%

  • Malone Plaza

    Malone Plaza

    Shopping Neighborhood

    Malone, NY
    Price: $7,250,000
    Size: 179,171 sqft
    Cap Rate: 6.62%

  • 2065 Grand Concourse

    2065 Grand Concourse


    Bronx , NY
    Price: $7,100,000
    Size: 75,000 sqft
    Size: 96 units
    Cap Rate: -3.94%

  • Creme de la Creme

    Creme de la Creme

    Net Leased Child Care

    Bridgewater, NJ
    Price: $6,900,000
    Size: 21,555 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.58%

  • Pine Plaza

    Pine Plaza

    Shopping Neighborhood

    Niagara Falls, NY
    Price: $6,550,000
    Size: 83,273 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.76%

  • Morse Shores Shopping Center

    Morse Shores Shopping Center

    Shopping Community

    Fort Myers, FL
    Price: $6,500,000
    Size: 169,948 sqft
    Cap Rate: 9.81%

  • Royal Plaza Shopping Center

    Royal Plaza Shopping Center

    Shopping Strip

    East Windsor, NJ
    Price: $6,475,000
    Size: 25,870 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.28%

  • Marcus Avenue Office/Condo

    Marcus Avenue Office/Condo


    Lake Success, NY
    Price: $6,270,000
    Size: 62,992 sqft
    Size: 02 units
    Cap Rate: 7.64%

  • Town Plaza II

    Town Plaza II

    Shopping Strip

    Orangeburg, NY
    Price: $6,250,000
    Size: 25,009 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.13%

  • Henrietta Shopping Center

    Henrietta Shopping Center

    Shopping Strip

    Rochester, NY
    Price: $6,200,000
    Size: 129,238 sqft
    Cap Rate: 9.04%

  • Walgreens


    Net Leased Drug Store

    Greenville, NC
    Price: $5,923,077

  • Kmart Plaza

    Kmart Plaza

    Shopping Regional

    Weirton, WV
    Price: $5,600,000
    Size: 171,308 sqft
    Cap Rate: 12.00%

  • Commerce Plaza

    Commerce Plaza

    Shopping Strip

    Dickson City, PA
    Price: $5,200,000
    Size: 24,700 sqft
    Cap Rate: 9.18%

  • South Road Square

    South Road Square

    Shopping Neighborhood

    Poughkeepsie, NY
    Price: $5,100,000
    Size: 44,071 sqft
    Cap Rate: 11.14%

  • Terrace Walk

    Terrace Walk

    Shopping Strip

    Tampa , FL
    Price: $5,075,000
    Size: 50,936 sqft
    Cap Rate: 9.59%

  • River Mall Plaza

    River Mall Plaza

    Shopping Strip

    Baldwinsville, NY
    Price: $5,050,000
    Cap Rate: 9.68%

  • Walgreens


    Net Leased Drug Store

    Windsor Locks, CT
    Price: $4,963,000
    Cap Rate: 7.52%

  • 315 Genessee Street

    315 Genessee Street

    Shopping Neighborhood

    Auburn, NY
    Price: $4,900,000
    Size: 85,089 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.17%

  • Signal Mountain Shopping Center

    Signal Mountain Shopping Center

    Shopping Community

    Chattanooga, TN
    Price: $4,800,000
    Size: 61,284 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.28%

  • East Brainerd Road Shopping Center

    East Brainerd Road Shopping Center

    Shopping Community

    Chattanooga, TN
    Price: $4,757,468
    Size: 64,777 sqft
    Cap Rate: 9.41%

  • Walgreens


    Net Leased Drug Store

    Bartlesville, OK
    Price: $4,130,000

  • Grand Island Plaza

    Grand Island Plaza

    Shopping Strip

    Grand Island, NY
    Price: $4,025,000
    Size: 93,002 sqft
    Cap Rate: 9.79%

  • Verizon Wireless

    Verizon Wireless

    Net Leased Electronics

    Lawrence, NY
    Price: $3,750,000
    Size: 3,700 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.00%

  • Walgreens


    Shopping Strip

    Ardmore, OK
    Price: $3,613,000
    Size: 15,120 sqft

  • Bear Road Plaza

    Bear Road Plaza

    Shopping Community

    Cicero, NY
    Price: $3,575,000
    Size: 59,483 sqft
    Cap Rate: 10.09%

  • 14 Christopher Street

    14 Christopher Street

    Multifamily & Retail

    New York, NY
    Price: $3,500,000
    Size: 5,483 sqft
    Size: 07 units

  • Malone Plaza

    Malone Plaza

    Shopping Neighborhood

    Malone, NY
    Price: $3,250,000
    Size: 178,593 sqft
    Cap Rate: 21.35%

  • Hamilton West Shopping Center

    Hamilton West Shopping Center

    Shopping Neighborhood

    Hamilton, OH
    Price: $3,200,000
    Size: 172,196 sqft

  • Southtown Plaza

    Southtown Plaza

    Shopping Strip

    Elmira, NY
    Price: $3,000,000
    Size: 80,400 sqft
    Cap Rate: 10.03%

  • Quality Market Plaza

    Quality Market Plaza

    Shopping Community

    North Warren, PA
    Price: $2,850,000
    Size: 48,050 sqft
    Cap Rate: 11.70%

  • KMart


    Net Leased Department Store

    East Liverpool , OH
    Price: $2,300,000
    Size: 01 units

  • Sterling Heights Shopping Center

    Sterling Heights Shopping Center

    Shopping Neighborhood

    Sterling Heights, MI
    Price: $2,250,000
    Size: 154,835 sqft
    Cap Rate: 14.36%

  • Commercial Condo- Vacant/User

    Commercial Condo- Vacant/User

    Single-Tenant Vacant/User

    New York, NY
    Price: $2,200,000
    Size: 2,214 sqft

  • PAW's in SoHo

    PAW's in SoHo

    Urban-High Street Net Leased

    New York, NY
    Price: $2,112,500
    Size: 1,219 sqft
    Cap Rate: 6.02%

  • Guitar Center

    Guitar Center

    Net Leased Miscellaneous

    Buffalo, NY
    Price: $1,700,000
    Size: 16,520 sqft
    Cap Rate: 10.56%

  • Neighborhood Center Queens/LI Border

    Neighborhood Center Queens/LI Border

    Shopping Strip

    Rosedale, NY
    Price: $1,615,000
    Size: 7,050 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.31%

  • Nanuet Mall South

    Nanuet Mall South

    Shopping Strip

    Nanuet, NY
    Price: $1,350,000
    Size: 70,632 sqft
    Cap Rate: 25.51%

  • West Gates Shopping Center

    West Gates Shopping Center

    Shopping Community

    Rochester, NY
    Price: $1,325,000
    Size: 80,353 sqft
    Cap Rate: 16.06%

  • 728 Ocean View Avenue

    728 Ocean View Avenue

    Land - Single-Family to Four Plex

    Brooklyn, NY
    Price: $1,290,000
    Size: 6,056 sqft

  • Applebee's


    Net Leased Restaurant

    Marietta, OH
    Price: $1,097,000
    Size: 4,370 sqft
    Size: 01 units
    Cap Rate: 5.95%

  • Mountain View Center

    Mountain View Center

    Shopping Strip

    Rossville, GA
    Price: $715,000
    Size: 35,872 sqft
    Cap Rate: 26.01%

  • Payless Shoe Source

    Payless Shoe Source

    Net Leased Shoe Store

    Gulfport , MS
    Price: $685,000
    Size: 3,060 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.79%

  • South Cobb Festival

    South Cobb Festival

    Shopping Neighborhood

    Smyrna, GA
    Price: $500,000
    Size: 77,961 sqft
    Cap Rate: 10.71%