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Nick Ledvora, CCIM


    In 2005, Ledvora launched his career in commercial brokerage with Marcus & Millichap in Orlando, quickly establishing himself as an Associate in 2006 and a Senior Associate in 2008. In 2009, Ledvora founded Equity Investment Services, a full service commercial real estate firm.  In 2011, Ledvora also founded OtherStreet Ventures, an investment group. 

    Nick Ledvora is a graduate from the University of Central Florida with a major in finance and real estate. Since the beginning of Ledvora’s career, he has been recognized for his outstanding performance with the following awards: Multiple Sales Recognition Awards, Transaction Management Award, Top Listing Producer, and Contributor for the Year Award, Top 10 Overall Broker by CFCAR, and CoStar Power Broker. Ledvora is an active member of the Orlando community.  He sat on the board of directors as a Vice President of Operations for CFCAR and a member of the Central Florida YMCA board of directors.  He is a guest speaker for various real estate courses at the University of Central Florida and regularly participates with the UCF internship program.

Nick Ledvora, CCIM

Nick Ledvora, CCIM

First Vice President Investments
Tel: (407) 557-3838
Fax: (407) 926-0808

License:  FL  BK3046315

Certified Commercial Investment Member

Director - National Retail Group

Promoted to Associate Vice President Investments in October, 2016
Promoted to Vice President Investments in January, 2017
Promoted to First Vice President Investments in July, 2017
Active owner/investor in medical office buildings, multi-tenant retail centers and single-tenant net-leased investments. 

University of Central Florida, Bachelor of Science in Finance, 2003

Sales Recognition Award: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2008, 2007

Sales Recognition Award, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2015
Gold Plaque 550K, 2007

2007 Rookie of the Year
2007-2009 Central Florida Commercial Association of Realtors (CFCAR) Top 10 Investment Sales
2007-2009 Central Florida Commercial Association of Realtors (CFCAR) Top 10 Overall Broker
2007 Central Florida Commercial Association of Realtors (CFCAR) Overall Rookie of the Year
2007-2008 CoStar Power Broker

Listed Properties

Transactions Closed

  • Heathrow International Office

    Heathrow International Office


    Lake Mary, FL
    Price: $12,500,000
    Size: 69,473 sqft
    Cap Rate: 6.91%

  • Palm Bay Club Apartment

    Palm Bay Club Apartment


    Palm Bay, FL
    Price: $9,000,000
    Size: 128 units
    Cap Rate: 0.92%

  • Lifestyle Center

    Lifestyle Center

    Shopping Strip

    Shelby Township, MI
    Price: $8,675,000
    Size: 41,544 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.88%

  • Old Peachtree Commons

    Old Peachtree Commons

    Shopping Strip

    Duluth, GA
    Price: $8,354,797
    Size: 26,250 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.61%

  • Bloomingdale Commons

    Bloomingdale Commons

    Shopping Community

    Brandon, FL
    Price: $8,300,000
    Size: 27,575 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.44%

  • Greenway Plaza

    Greenway Plaza

    Shopping Community

    Sanford, FL
    Price: $7,000,000
    Size: 143,310 sqft
    Cap Rate: 1.74%

  • Walgreens


    Net Leased Drug Store

    Washington Court House, OH
    Price: $6,200,000
    Size: 14,820 sqft
    Cap Rate: 6.13%

  • Hancock Village

    Hancock Village

    Shopping Strip

    Clermont, FL
    Price: $6,100,000
    Size: 25,244 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.74%

  • Chili's & PetSmart Center

    Chili's & PetSmart Center

    Shopping Strip

    Panama City, FL
    Price: $6,025,000
    Size: 29,612 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.14%

  • Lighthouse Plaza

    Lighthouse Plaza

    Shopping Strip

    Orlando, FL
    Price: $5,800,000
    Size: 17,612 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.07%

  • Starbucks/ Hollywood Video Plaza

    Starbucks/ Hollywood Video Plaza

    Shopping Strip

    Lake Mary, FL
    Price: $5,250,000
    Size: 13,978 sqft
    Cap Rate: 6.64%

  • Victoria Park Village Center

    Victoria Park Village Center

    Shopping Neighborhood

    Deland, FL
    Price: $4,750,000
    Size: 25,000 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.16%

  • Plaza at Metro

    Plaza at Metro

    Shopping Strip

    Orlando, FL
    Price: $4,600,000
    Size: 12,838 sqft
    Cap Rate: 6.87%

  • Orange City Town Center

    Orange City Town Center

    Shopping Neighborhood

    Orange City, FL
    Price: $4,500,000
    Size: 35,250 sqft
    Cap Rate: 9.50%

  • Shoppes at Lee Road

    Shoppes at Lee Road

    Shopping Neighborhood

    Orlando, FL
    Price: $4,100,000
    Size: 19,790 sqft
    Cap Rate: 9.81%

  • Tampa Surgical Building

    Tampa Surgical Building

    Office Medical

    Tampa, FL
    Price: $3,950,000
    Cap Rate: 7.88%

  • Caribbean Village

    Caribbean Village

    Shopping Strip

    Kissimmee, FL
    Price: $3,800,000
    Size: 20,820 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.04%

  • Palatka Commons

    Palatka Commons

    Shopping Strip

    Palatka, FL
    Price: $3,800,000
    Size: 14,000 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.19%

  • Citrus Heights Plaza

    Citrus Heights Plaza

    Shopping Community

    Clermont (Orlando MSA), FL
    Price: $3,530,000
    Size: 7,881 sqft
    Cap Rate: 6.50%

  • Rinehart Commons - Walmart Shadow

    Rinehart Commons - Walmart Shadow

    Shopping Neighborhood

    Orlando (Sanford), FL
    Price: $3,106,100
    Size: 8,436 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.29%

  • Shops at Mystic Oak

    Shops at Mystic Oak

    Shopping Neighborhood

    Wesley Chapel, FL
    Price: $2,975,000
    Size: 10,500 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.07%

  • Shops at Vero Beach

    Shops at Vero Beach

    Shopping Neighborhood

    Vero Beach, FL
    Price: $2,920,000
    Size: 12,718 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.61%

  • Vine Center

    Vine Center

    Shopping Neighborhood

    Kissimmee, FL
    Price: $2,900,000
    Size: 9,245 sqft
    Cap Rate: 6.57%

  • South Trail Plaza

    South Trail Plaza

    Shopping Neighborhood

    Orlando, FL
    Price: $2,900,000
    Size: 37,056 sqft
    Cap Rate: 9.44%

  • Dixie Plaza

    Dixie Plaza

    Shopping Neighborhood

    West Palm Beach, FL
    Price: $2,860,000
    Size: 20,700 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.81%

  • Shoppes of Sheldon

    Shoppes of Sheldon

    Shopping Strip

    Tampa, FL
    Price: $2,725,000
    Size: 9,300 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.44%

  • 7-Eleven


    Net Leased Auto Service - Gas/Conv.

    Port Richey, FL
    Price: $2,575,000
    Size: 2,997 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.63%

  • TooJay's


    Net Leased Restaurant

    Lakeland, FL
    Price: $2,344,741
    Size: 5,578 sqft
    Cap Rate: 6.75%

  • Family Dollar

    Family Dollar

    Net Leased Discount

    Holly Hill, FL
    Price: $2,322,816
    Size: 8,320 sqft
    Cap Rate: 6.00%

  • Retail Center Saint Cloud

    Retail Center Saint Cloud

    Shopping Strip

    Saint Cloud, FL
    Price: $2,300,000
    Size: 14,475 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.11%

  • Melbourne University Apartments I & II

    Melbourne University Apartments I & II


    Melbourne, FL
    Price: $2,288,000
    Size: 83,110 sqft
    Size: 143 units
    Cap Rate: -0.78%

  • Twin Fountains Business Center

    Twin Fountains Business Center

    Shopping Strip

    South Daytona, FL
    Price: $2,285,000
    Size: 25,820 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.78%

  • Oakland Park Plaza

    Oakland Park Plaza

    Shopping Strip

    Oakland Park, FL
    Price: $2,210,001
    Size: 20,159 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.48%

  • Starbucks & FedEx Kinko's Center

    Starbucks & FedEx Kinko's Center

    Shopping Strip

    Lithonia, GA
    Price: $2,075,000
    Size: 5,100 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.94%

  • Boardwalk at Indialantic

    Boardwalk at Indialantic

    Shopping Strip

    Indialantic, FL
    Price: $1,885,000
    Size: 4,500 sqft
    Cap Rate: 6.65%

  • FedEx Kinko's

    FedEx Kinko's

    Net Leased Office Supply

    Orlando, FL
    Price: $1,860,000
    Size: 5,476 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.02%

  • Winter Rose Shoppes

    Winter Rose Shoppes

    Shopping Strip

    Orlando, FL
    Price: $1,850,000
    Size: 7,392 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.67%

  • Seminola Lake Center

    Seminola Lake Center

    Shopping Strip

    Casselberry, FL
    Price: $1,600,000
    Size: 13,000 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.87%

  • Syed Plaza

    Syed Plaza

    Shopping Strip

    Orlando, FL
    Price: $1,500,000
    Size: 8,750 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.41%

  • The Atrium

    The Atrium


    Kissimmee, FL
    Price: $1,500,000
    Size: 20,667 sqft
    Cap Rate: 9.56%

  • Back Yard Burgers (High Performance Store)

    Back Yard Burgers (High Performance Store)

    Net Leased Restaurant

    Altamonte Springs, FL
    Price: $1,450,000
    Size: 843 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.28%

  • Kissimmee Strip Center

    Kissimmee Strip Center

    Shopping Strip

    Kissimmee, FL
    Price: $1,395,000
    Size: 10,850 sqft
    Cap Rate: 13.33%

  • Roadhouse Grill Restaurant

    Roadhouse Grill Restaurant

    Net Leased Restaurant

    Jacksonville, FL
    Price: $1,350,000
    Size: 8,300 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.71%

  • Burger King - Ground Lease

    Burger King - Ground Lease

    Net Leased Restaurant

    Saint Augustine, FL
    Price: $1,348,000
    Size: 2,540 sqft
    Cap Rate: 5.12%

  • Dollar General

    Dollar General

    Net Leased Discount

    Minneola, FL
    Price: $1,286,500
    Size: 9,082 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.00%

  • Vista Commerce Center

    Vista Commerce Center

    Shopping Strip

    Clermont, FL
    Price: $1,255,000
    Size: 10,000 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.24%

  • Dunkin Donuts

    Dunkin Donuts

    Net Leased Restaurant

    North Chesterfield, VA
    Price: $1,250,000
    Size: 1,950 sqft
    Cap Rate: 5.62%

  • Amscot Financial

    Amscot Financial

    Net Leased Miscellaneous

    Winter Park, FL
    Price: $1,220,000
    Size: 2,600 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.94%

  • Kissimmee Retail Vacant

    Kissimmee Retail Vacant

    Retail Vacant/User (Lease Transaction)

    Kissimmee, FL
    Price: $25,200
    Size: 6,840 sqft

  • Fourth Street Shoppes

    Fourth Street Shoppes

    Shopping Strip

    Saint Petersburg, FL
    Price: $1,150,000
    Size: 4,760 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.11%

  • Blockbuster Video Plaza

    Blockbuster Video Plaza

    Shopping Strip

    Daytona Beach, FL
    Price: $1,100,000
    Size: 11,000 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.34%

  • Baytree Center Retail Building

    Baytree Center Retail Building

    Shopping Strip

    Lake Mary, FL
    Price: $1,050,000
    Size: 4,316 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.00%

  • Semoran Square

    Semoran Square

    Office Vacant/User

    Casselberry, FL
    Price: $1,050,000

  • Wendy's - Ground Lease

    Wendy's - Ground Lease

    Net Leased Restaurant

    New Orleans, LA
    Price: $1,005,000
    Size: 3,352 sqft
    Cap Rate: 6.47%

  • Old Saint Augustine Shoppes

    Old Saint Augustine Shoppes

    Shopping Strip

    Jacksonville, FL
    Price: $1,000,000
    Size: 9,120 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.39%

  • Regent Shoppes South

    Regent Shoppes South

    Shopping Strip

    Saint Cloud, FL
    Price: $890,000
    Size: 11,120 sqft
    Cap Rate: 8.27%

  • Horizon Palms

    Horizon Palms

    Shopping Strip

    Cocoa, FL
    Price: $845,000
    Size: 5,000 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.61%

  • Tallahassee Commercial Development Land

    Tallahassee Commercial Development Land

    Land - Commercial

    Tallahassee, FL
    Price: $800,000

  • Regency Square Shoppes

    Regency Square Shoppes

    Shopping Strip

    Jacksonville, FL
    Price: $800,000
    Size: 11,000 sqft
    Cap Rate: 7.43%

  • Westend Shoppes

    Westend Shoppes

    Shopping Strip

    West Melbourne, FL
    Price: $640,000
    Size: 6,540 sqft
    Size: 05 units
    Cap Rate: 7.58%

  • Greenway Professional Building

    Greenway Professional Building

    Net Leased Child Care

    Orlando, FL
    Price: $600,000
    Size: 7,152 sqft

  • Magnolia Plaza

    Magnolia Plaza

    Shopping Neighborhood

    Auburndale, FL
    Price: $510,000
    Size: 8,400 sqft
    Cap Rate: 10.39%

  • Pier Park Plaza

    Pier Park Plaza

    Office & Retail

    Merritt Island, FL
    Price: $425,000
    Size: 8,555 sqft
    Size: 01 units
    Cap Rate: 2.31%

  • 1415 West State Road

    1415 West State Road

    Retail Vacant/User

    Longwood, FL
    Price: $309,786
    Size: 5,000 sqft
    Cap Rate: 0.03%

  • Palm Bay Retail

    Palm Bay Retail

    Single-Tenant Vacant/User

    Palm Bay, FL
    Price: $250,000
    Size: 900 sqft

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