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David Orton


David Orton has been in the commercial real estate business since 2008, most recently consulting & advising multi-family owners with Marcus & Millichap.  He has been instrumental in providing clients with comprehensive research, advisory, finance, and transactional services for multi-family owners throughout the Midwest.  

Far beyond simply facilitating real estate transactions, he has maximized value for real estate investors through a commitment of specialization coupled with an unfailing method of matching each property with the largest pool of pre-qualified investors. 

Clients working with David will benefit from:

- 100 percent of his business is investment sales and financing
- The broadest exposure for listed properties

- The largest database of owner and investor relationships in the industry

Outside of Brokering multi-family investments and consulting with multi-family investors, David and his wife Dana enjoy the outdoors with their Golden Retriever and English Pointer pups and are welcoming a newborn to their family in 2016.

David Orton

David Orton

Senior Associate
Tel: (317) 218-5320
Fax: (317) 218-5310

License:  IN  RB14052148

Associate Member - National Multi Housing Group

Promoted to Senior Associate in December, 2017

Client Testimonial:
“The professional booklet you put together was definitely, a great compilation of our market, competition, the benefits of purchasing our building, photographs, etc.  It was the right tool to hand over to potential clients and made it easy for them to understand the positives of purchasing our building over others in the market! Using a local realtor would not have produced the same results (and we tried!).  It was unbelievable that you listed, sold and closed on our building within 2 ½ months – results we would not have seen
otherwise. Trust was a big factor for us – and you never failed us.” – Kathy

Indiana University Kelley School of Business, Bachelor of Science, 2008
Utah Valley University, General Studies, 2004

Client Testimonial:
“….concerning my decision to use Marcus & Millichap.  While my background is in accounting and finance, I have been a real estate broker for over 30 years.  While I certainly had the capability to market my properties myself I made the decision to go with Marcus & Millichap for several reasons:  1.  They have a nationwide network of brokers and potential buyers for my properties - in other words, there market reach is far greater than my own or that of a local broker who presumably only has local contacts, 2.  The marketing package and presentation they put together for me was second to none.  The analytics
are well thought out and the presentation is easy for a prospective buyer/investor to evaluate, 3.   Screening of prospective buyers.  For me, this is the most valuable of services provided. David's experience coupled with in-house financing options for a prospective buyer serves as a screening tool for vetting out legitimate buyers from those that are not qualified.  This saves a lot of time and prevents having a property tied up for an extended period of time without going to the closing table.  I have found the representatives of Marcus & Millichap to be open, honest, and hard working in their efforts to move my properties.”  - Jack

Transactions Closed

  • University Place Apartments

    University Place Apartments

    Student Housing

    Indianapolis, IN
    Price: $2,690,000
    Size: 44,190 sqft
    Size: 50 units
    Cap Rate: 6.65%

  • Fox Village Apartments

    Fox Village Apartments


    La Porte, IN
    Price: $2,500,000
    Size: 64,084 sqft
    Size: 64 units
    Cap Rate: 8.44%

  • Trafalgar Pointe Apartments

    Trafalgar Pointe Apartments


    Trafalgar, IN
    Price: $2,200,000
    Size: 29,284 sqft
    Size: 32 units
    Cap Rate: 8.23%

  • Village at Curry Pike

    Village at Curry Pike


    Bloomington, IN
    Price: $1,575,000
    Size: 36,248 sqft
    Size: 38 units
    Cap Rate: 24.78%

  • Sugar Creek Apartments

    Sugar Creek Apartments


    New Palestine, IN
    Price: $1,440,000
    Size: 21,504 sqft
    Size: 28 units
    Cap Rate: 8.14%

  • Meridian Manor

    Meridian Manor


    Indianapolis, IN
    Price: $1,260,000
    Size: 25,395 sqft
    Size: 36 units
    Cap Rate: 9.23%

  • Wooddale Terrace Townhomes

    Wooddale Terrace Townhomes


    Greenwood, IN
    Price: $1,210,000
    Size: 28,140 sqft
    Size: 24 units
    Cap Rate: 8.85%

  • Nicholas Eagle at Center Street

    Nicholas Eagle at Center Street


    Plainfield, IN
    Price: $950,000
    Size: 10,400 sqft
    Size: 16 units
    Cap Rate: 8.46%

  • Estate View

    Estate View


    Indianapolis, IN
    Price: $823,000
    Size: 13,800 sqft
    Size: 18 units
    Cap Rate: 8.61%

  • Muessing Court Apartments

    Muessing Court Apartments


    Indianapolis, IN
    Price: $800,000
    Size: 11,736 sqft
    Size: 26 units
    Cap Rate: 10.84%

  • Meadow Drive Apartments

    Meadow Drive Apartments


    Greenwood, IN
    Price: $770,000
    Size: 19,454 sqft
    Size: 22 units
    Cap Rate: 8.70%

  • Eagle Ridge Apartments

    Eagle Ridge Apartments


    Indianapolis, IN
    Price: $769,000
    Size: 10,800 sqft
    Size: 11 units
    Cap Rate: 8.58%

  • Portage Townhomes

    Portage Townhomes


    Portage, IN
    Price: $725,000
    Size: 7,260 sqft
    Size: 06 units
    Cap Rate: 7.31%

  • Royal Arms Apartments

    Royal Arms Apartments


    Rantoul, IL
    Price: $650,000
    Size: 21,600 sqft
    Size: 24 units
    Cap Rate: 10.33%

  • Jackson Court Apartments

    Jackson Court Apartments


    Danville, IL
    Price: $440,000
    Size: 10,775 sqft
    Size: 20 units
    Cap Rate: 11.42%

  • Madisyn Manor

    Madisyn Manor


    Kouts, IN
    Price: $419,000
    Size: 7,296 sqft
    Size: 08 units
    Cap Rate: 7.94%

  • Vine Street at DePauw University

    Vine Street at DePauw University


    Greencastle, IN
    Price: $380,000
    Size: 8,600 sqft
    Size: 11 units
    Cap Rate: 11.76%

  • Park View Apartments

    Park View Apartments


    Hammond, IN
    Price: $340,000
    Size: 70,870 sqft
    Size: 91 units
    Cap Rate: 10.41%

  • Gladstone Apartments

    Gladstone Apartments


    Elkhart, IN
    Price: $264,000
    Size: 10,800 sqft
    Size: 12 units
    Cap Rate: 13.83%

  • Harrellton 8 Plex

    Harrellton 8 Plex


    Evansville, IN
    Price: $118,000
    Size: 08 units
    Cap Rate: 16.58%

  • State Avenue Development Site

    State Avenue Development Site

    Land - Multi-Family

    Indianapolis, IN
    Price: $110,000

  • New Castle Duplex Portfolio

    New Castle Duplex Portfolio


    New Castle, IN
    Price: $65,000
    Size: 13 units
    Cap Rate: 63.18%

  • State Street Apartments

    State Street Apartments


    New Castle, IN
    Price: $60,000
    Size: 05 units
    Cap Rate: 12.80%