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Chris Collins


Christopher Collins graduated from Winona State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in finance. Upon graduation Collins started his career as an Investment Real Estate Specialist for Marcus & Millichap in the Minneapolis office under the Sales Intern Program (SIP) and focuses on multifamily properties. Recently, Collins joined Mox Gunderson's team specializing in the Twin Cities Metro area, greater Minnesota and North Dakota.

Collins is well versed on all aspects of multifamily investments, market conditions, capital markets and economic trends affecting the multifamily market. Collins creates successful business relationships by fulfilling his client’s needs using research, negotiation, advisory services and representation in brokerage. His work ethic and drive has helped him close multiple deals with the firm. 

Chris Collins

Chris Collins

Tel: (952) 852-9758
Fax: (952) 852-9710

License:  MN  40336144

National Multi Housing Group

Associate Member - National Multi Housing Group

  • Started the Sales Intern Program (SIP) in January, 2013
  • Promoted to Associate in June, 2013
  • Joined Mox Gunderson's team in June, 2013

Winona State University, Bachelor of Science degree in finance

Collins is focused and offers exceptional customer service by listening to his client's needs and concerns as well as providing responsive solutions. 


Multi Housing Investment Specialist
As an associate in Marcus & Millichap’s National Multi Housing Group, Collins exclusively represents buyers and sellers in the investment marketplace, and is at the forefront on trends affecting the industry.

As a commercial real estate broker specializing in multifamily investments, Collins builds client relationships, underwrites and negotiates pricing on assets, and directs efficient transaction management.
He works with investors throughout Minnesota and North Dakota. Whether expanding, buying, selling or increasing your investment portfolio, Chris Collins is knowledgeable of the current market conditions, cap rates, and rental rates in today’s multifamily investment industry.

Our Team

Chris Collins, Mox Gunderson, Evan Miller

Our Team

Collins joined Mox Gunderson's team in June of 2013 giving him access to more resources in finding opportunities and working with owners to maximize the value of their investment.   

Team Members:

Transactions Closed

  • Dakota Building

    Dakota Building


    Bismarck, ND
    Price: $5,350,000
    Size: 112,998 sqft

  • Les Chateaux

    Les Chateaux


    Duluth, MN
    Size: 150,450 sqft
    Size: 141 units

  • The Pines Apartments

    The Pines Apartments


    Brainerd, MN
    Size: 32,308 sqft
    Size: 30 units

  • Wannigan Apartments

    Wannigan Apartments


    Grand Rapids, MN
    Size: 32,592 sqft
    Size: 30 units

  • Carver Ridge

    Carver Ridge

    Multifamily Tax Credit

    Chaska, MN
    Price: $7,650,000
    Size: 78,416 sqft
    Size: 92 units

  • Second Street Lofts

    Second Street Lofts


    Minneapolis, MN
    Size: 48,448 sqft
    Size: 42 units

  • Grant Street Commons

    Grant Street Commons


    Minneapolis, MN
    Size: 61,942 sqft
    Size: 84 units

  • Jacob's Square Apartments

    Jacob's Square Apartments


    Saint Cloud, MN
    Size: 14,950 sqft
    Size: 16 units

  • The Pines I & II

    The Pines I & II


    Zimmerman, MN
    Price: $5,168,000
    Size: 52,850 sqft
    Size: 64 units

  • Whispering Oaks

    Whispering Oaks


    Burnsville, MN
    Size: 73,368 sqft
    Size: 72 units

  • The Alden

    The Alden


    Minneapolis, MN
    Size: 35,984 sqft
    Size: 70 units

  • Hoover Estates

    Hoover Estates

    Multifamily Tax Credit

    North Mankato, MN
    Price: $4,325,000
    Size: 62,784 sqft
    Size: 72 units

  • Crest Oak Apartments

    Crest Oak Apartments


    Coon Rapids, MN
    Price: $4,117,820
    Size: 51,850 sqft
    Size: 60 units

  • Oak Crest Apartments

    Oak Crest Apartments


    Elk River, MN
    Size: 45,300 sqft
    Size: 54 units

  • Douglas Drive Terrace

    Douglas Drive Terrace


    Crystal, MN
    Size: 38,200 sqft
    Size: 46 units

  • Federal Plaza

    Federal Plaza

    Office Vacant/User

    Minneapolis, MN
    Price: $1,000,000
    Size: 39,884 sqft

  • Three Forks Lodging Apartments

    Three Forks Lodging Apartments


    Williston, ND
    Price: $3,600,000
    Size: 27,400 sqft
    Size: 28 units

  • Autumn Hills

    Autumn Hills

    Multifamily Tax Credit

    Forest Lake, MN
    Price: $3,200,000
    Size: 6,432 sqft
    Size: 48 units

  • Calhoun Apartments

    Calhoun Apartments


    Cambridge, MN
    Price: $2,505,000
    Size: 33,200 sqft
    Size: 48 units

  • Fieldcrest Townhomes

    Fieldcrest Townhomes

    Multifamily HUD

    Moorhead, MN
    Size: 32,200 sqft
    Size: 40 units

  • St. Anthony Place Apartments

    St. Anthony Place Apartments


    Minneapolis, MN
    Size: 18,678 sqft
    Size: 21 units

  • Oak Hills Apartments

    Oak Hills Apartments


    Fridley, MN
    Size: 23,500 sqft
    Size: 34 units

  • Jefferson Square Apartments

    Jefferson Square Apartments


    Duluth, MN
    Size: 19,872 sqft
    Size: 20 units

  • Hampshire Apartments

    Hampshire Apartments


    Saint Louis Park, MN
    Size: 13,428 sqft
    Size: 16 units

  • 860 10th Avenue SE

    860 10th Avenue SE

    Student Housing

    Minneapolis, MN
    Size: 9,600 sqft
    Size: 09 units

  • Creekside Apartments

    Creekside Apartments


    Litchfield, MN
    Price: $1,575,000
    Size: 28,907 sqft
    Size: 40 units

  • Merritt School Apartments

    Merritt School Apartments


    Duluth, MN
    Size: 16,883 sqft
    Size: 19 units

  • Park Avenue

    Park Avenue

    Multifamily Tax Credit

    Faribault, MN
    Price: $1,250,000
    Size: 27,450 sqft
    Size: 30 units

  • East Side Stories

    East Side Stories


    Alexandria, MN
    Size: 15,900 sqft
    Size: 24 units

  • 11 Walnut Street

    11 Walnut Street


    Monticello, MN
    Size: 6,675 sqft
    Size: 08 units

  • Tyler Station Land

    Tyler Station Land

    Land - Commercial

    Red Wing, MN
    Size: 35,283 sqft

  • Idaho Ave Apartments

    Idaho Ave Apartments


    Saint Louis Park, MN
    Price: $1,175,000
    Size: 9,200 sqft
    Size: 14 units

  • Scenic Valley Apartments

    Scenic Valley Apartments


    Osceola, WI
    Price: $980,000
    Size: 16,000 sqft
    Size: 24 units

  • Winifred Apartments

    Winifred Apartments


    Saint Paul, MN
    Price: $727,500
    Size: 7,750 sqft
    Size: 12 units

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