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Charles "Chip" Collins is an Apartment specialist who has been involved in the valuations of Senior housing, Student Housing, Project-based as well as conventional multi-units.  He has worked as an advisor to lending institutions, management companies and private investors.  He is actively marketing multiple properties and is always available to perform a valuation or just to discuss the real estate market.

Chip exclusively covered the upstate New York Market for Marcus & Millichap during his first five years with the company.  In 2016, Chip’s area of focus was expanded to include Northern New Jersey. 

Prior to joining Marcus & Millichap, Chip spent time in corporate America, working for such giants as American Express, Merrill Lynch and NBC.  From there Chip decided to take his track record of financial management success and utilize those skills in the real estate marketplace.  Over the next ten years Chip managed a real estate investment company that purchased, rehabbed & sold over 50 single family & smaller multi-unit properties in Northern New Jersey.  During this time period Chip's company exceeded sales of over $15.0 million and ventured into land development and construction.

New Jersey
Chip Collins

Chip Collins

Senior Associate
Tel: (201) 742-6124
Fax: (201) 742-6110

License:  NJ  0016571
License:  NY  10401230649
License:  PA  RSR001965

Promoted to Senior Associate in January, 2015

Gettysburg College, BA History
Fordam University, MBA Corporate Financial Management

Listed Properties

Transactions Closed

  • Brookwood on the Green

    Brookwood on the Green


    Liverpool, NY
    Size: 323,160 sqft
    Size: 340 units

  • Corporate Plaza - Office Portfolio

    Corporate Plaza - Office Portfolio


    Albany, NY
    Size: 149,460 sqft

  • Juliann Garden Apartments

    Juliann Garden Apartments


    Spring Valley, NY
    Size: 33,660 sqft
    Size: 52 units

  • Bloomfield Gardens

    Bloomfield Gardens


    Rome, NY
    Size: 96,862 sqft
    Size: 160 units

  • Clinton Plaza

    Clinton Plaza

    Shopping Strip

    Oneonta, NY
    Size: 44,666 sqft

  • The Learning Experience

    The Learning Experience

    Net Leased Child Care

    Warminster, PA
    Size: 10,000 sqft

  • Heritage Village Center - Value Add Opportunity

    Heritage Village Center - Value Add Opportunity

    Multifamily, Office & Retail

    Hamburg, NJ
    Size: 31,181 sqft
    Size: 17 units

  • Countryside Apartments

    Countryside Apartments


    Moscow, PA
    Size: 21,940 sqft
    Size: 24 units

  • Cottage Row Apartments

    Cottage Row Apartments


    Schenectady, NY
    Size: 16,750 sqft
    Size: 21 units

  • 256 Reock Street

    256 Reock Street

    Multifamily & Retail

    Orange, NJ
    Size: 13,500 sqft

  • 509-513 Main Street

    509-513 Main Street


    Poughkeepsie, NY
    Size: 19,050 sqft
    Size: 23 units

  • Office & Apartments

    Office & Apartments

    Multifamily & Office

    Succasunna, NJ
    Size: 7,736 sqft
    Size: 04 units

  • 269 Main Street Apartments

    269 Main Street Apartments


    West Orange, NJ
    Size: 8,000 sqft
    Size: 12 units

  • Retail, Office, Apartments

    Retail, Office, Apartments

    Shopping Strip

    Berkeley Heights, NJ
    Size: 6,400 sqft

  • 253-257 Lake Street

    253-257 Lake Street


    Newark, NJ
    Size: 7,200 sqft
    Size: 09 units

  • Horizon Terrace

    Horizon Terrace


    Troy, NY
    Size: 18,850 sqft
    Size: 22 units

  • Academy Market Offering

    Academy Market Offering


    Poughkeepsie, NY
    Size: 9,400 sqft
    Size: 22 units

  • 151 Parker Street

    151 Parker Street


    Newark , NJ
    Size: 9,600 sqft
    Size: 12 units

  • Binghamton Residential Income Portfolio

    Binghamton Residential Income Portfolio


    Binghamton, NY
    Size: 39,800 sqft
    Size: 45 units

  • 282 Belleville Avenue

    282 Belleville Avenue


    Belleville, NJ
    Size: 5,250 sqft
    Size: 09 units

  • 880 Stuyvesant

    880 Stuyvesant

    Multifamily, Office & Retail

    Irvington, NJ
    Size: 8,600 sqft
    Size: 12 units

  • 681 Summer Ave

    681 Summer Ave


    Newark, NJ
    Size: 5,250 sqft
    Size: 07 units

  • 691 Summer Ave

    691 Summer Ave


    Newark, NJ
    Size: 4,500 sqft
    Size: 06 units

  • 108 Hornblower Ave

    108 Hornblower Ave


    Belleville, NJ
    Size: 4,850 sqft
    Size: 12 units

  • Phillipsburg Portfolio

    Phillipsburg Portfolio


    Phillipsburg, NJ
    Size: 9,403 sqft
    Size: 18 units

  • 86 Oak Street

    86 Oak Street


    Binghamton , NY
    Size: 4,000 sqft
    Size: 08 units

  • Andrew Truax House

    Andrew Truax House


    Schenectady, NY
    Size: 5,628 sqft
    Size: 10 units

  • 1589 Van Vranken

    1589 Van Vranken


    Schenectady, NY
    Size: 7,740 sqft
    Size: 12 units

  • 1329 15th Street, Troy

    1329 15th Street, Troy


    Troy, NY
    Size: 7,200 sqft
    Size: 11 units

  • 4 Union Street

    4 Union Street


    Schenectady, NY
    Size: 8,435 sqft
    Size: 10 units

  • Academy Street Apartments

    Academy Street Apartments


    Amsterdam, NY
    Size: 14,000 sqft
    Size: 22 units

  • John Glen House

    John Glen House


    Schenectady, NY
    Size: 5,200 sqft
    Size: 05 units

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